Hygiene in the washroom

Paper towel dispenser and waste bin with angular design in matt black stainless steel

Study found: Compared to hand drying fans, paper towel dispensers are more hygienic

Bathroom with washbasin and WC

HEWI active+ lever handles offer extra hygiene at the door

Hygiene in washrooms is becoming an increasingly prominent concern in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially in highly frequented sanitary rooms of public buildings, the requirements for hygiene are increasing. To increase this, it is often small changes that make the difference. Above all, touch-free dispenser systems, fittings and antimicrobial door handles help to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in washrooms.

New dispenser systems increase hygiene

HEWI therefore offers a wide range of new dispenser systems that meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. In addition to dispenser systems such as soap, disinfectant and paper towel dispensers, the range also includes waste garbage cans and hygienic door handles. All of them can be perfectly integrated into any room concept thanks to different surfaces. Choices include polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, powder-coated models in black, shades of gray and white, and stainless steel variants. Each in manual and electronic form. This Sensoric version enables the user to disinfect hands without touching them.

Paper towel dispensers instead of warm air dryers

The use of paper towel dispensers also offers a plus in hygiene compared with warm air dryers and jet air dryers. This is the result of an extensive study by scientists at the University of Westminster. According to the study, replacing the equipment should lead to a significant reduction in bacteria and virus contamination in sanitary rooms. HEWI offers a suitable selection here that combines design and function.

Touch-free fittings

HEWI SENSORIC fittings maximize hygiene in the washroom. No need to touch the faucet to trigger the water flow - a hand movement is sufficient for this. Consequently, transmission of pathogens is no longer possible. In addition, an automatic hygiene flush, which is also controlled via the app, prevents germs from settling inside the electronic faucets. Flushing can be performed simultaneously on all installed HEWI SENSORIC fittings. This contributes to increased hygiene and at the same time reduces the cleaning effort. Particularly when water stagnates in the pipes over a longer period of time, hygienic flushing becomes more important in order to maintain water quality.

Hygienic door handles

However, one of the most common ways of transmitting bacteria and viruses in the washroom is and remains the door handle. With the 115 model, HEWI creates a clever ergonomic design that can be easily operated with the elbow. This eliminates the need to touch the door handle with the hand and the washroom can be entered and exited hygienically. HEWI active+ door handles provide additional protection. Due to the antimicrobial effect of HEWI active+ products, the number of germs on the product surface between cleaning and disinfection cycles is significantly reduced. Thus, a continuous reduction of unwanted germs on the surface of the products takes place within 24 hours, so that 99.9% of germs are reduced within this period.

Touchless fitting in chrome

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