Innovative fastening techniques from HEWI

Due to the varying wall structures of many buildings, professionals face some challenges when installing plumbing fixtures. In addition to the simplest possible installation, it is also important that the individual design wishes of the users can be taken into account in the fastening. Due to these aspects, it is necessary to offer various types of fastening materials for bathroom furniture and accessories. HEWI's range includes various innovative fastening techniques for sanitary fittings, which allow them to be mounted on any wall. 

The HEWI plug-in snap-in connection for angle tolerances

HEWI's plug-in snap-in connection is a new type of corner connection that makes it easy to install System 900 railing systems and shower handrails. This type of connection means that only three rosettes are needed instead of the usual four fixing points. The HEWI plug-in snap-in connection offers faster installation of bathroom fittings and also compensates for angle tolerances in room corners of up to +/- 2°. Thus, this fastening technique is suitable for all walls and also facilitates the installation on walls with unevenness. Due to this type of fastening also creates surfaces that are characterized by easy cleaning. 

Connection of two shower handrails using an innovative plug-in snap-in connection

The HEWI plug-in snap-in connection

Mobile fastening solutions from HEWI

Mobile HEWI solutions for mounting sanitary products offer the possibility of flexibly adapting sanitary rooms to the individual needs of users. With this in mind, HEWI offers mobile folding support rails and shower seats that are very user-friendly and at the same time just as functional as the permanently installed sanitary solutions. a wide range of dowels and fixing materials is provided for attaching the mounting plate, into which the mobile HEWI solutions are snapped when required. This makes it possible to attach the products to a wide variety of walls. If HEWI's supporting solutions are not required, a cover plate conceals the mounting plate until the products are fitted. No tools are required when attaching and removing these, as the mobile solutions are simply snapped into the installed mounting plate and then secured with a fastening screw. 

Beige tiled wall with a removable white shower seat that is mounted by one hand

Easy disassembly of the shower seat

Cover cap in the colour taupe, which is attached to a permanently installed mounting plate

Mounting the cover plate

Cover cap in the colour taupe for a permanently installed mounting plate on a beige background



New HEWI adhesive fastener

The new innovative adhesive fastener from HEWI enables sanitary equipment to be fastened without drilling. Adhesive mounting protects high-quality surfaces, as they no longer need to be damaged for drilling. the adhesive fastening can be ordered in a separate adhesive set. This innovative fastening technology allows bathroom accessories to be attached independently of the joints and also removed completely without leaving any residue. The products are assembled by means of an adapter with instant adhesion and a one-component adhesive supplied in a practical dosing syringe. This eliminates the need to mix the adhesive, making assembly easier. 

S 815 | Accessories

S 815 | toilet paper holder and toilet brush set



HEWI fastening materials

With its various fastening techniques, HEWI offers an overall system that is very user-friendly and is characterized by simple installation for users.

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