Standard-compliant sealing with HEWI sealing elements

Sanitary solutions from HEWI are the answer to the versatile, complex requirements of bathrooms. With innovative sealing elements, HEWI supports architects, planners and skilled tradesmen in the design of bathrooms in various contract areas.

HEWI's seals for shower walls in bathrooms comply with the DIN 18534-1 standard, facilitate installation and increase hygiene, particularly in hospitals, care facilities, educational buildings and hotels.

HEWI Sanitary Systems: Seal meets standard for sealing interiors (DIN 18534-1)

The HEWI sealing element in accordance with the requirements of DIN 18534-1 provides a quickly implementable and reliable seal for shower walls in bathrooms. Due to wall unevenness, conventional fixing rosettes often do not lie completely on the wall - for example, in the case of joint crosses and tile offsets.

HEWI sealing rosettes adapt to the respective surface when mounting holding systems and shower seats as well as folding support handles and seal them so that neither water nor moisture can penetrate. In the case of shower seats, in addition to the sealing tape components, the mini sealing rods for sealing the drilling points provide additional protection.

The standard-compliant sealing rods and sealing tape components for rod systems and shower seats are certified by the Institute for Wall and Floor Coverings and provide protection for application areas of water impact class W1-I and W2-I according to DIN 18534-1.

Sealing rosette on the retaining system

Sealing element on shower seat

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