A new sense of comfort

User-friendly, safe, easy to clean: The new magnetic shower holder from HEWI improves showering comfort

Innovations are usually in the details and mean a significant improvement in the system or product range. Thus, the international expert for barrier-free sanitary solutions HEWI continuously develops products that increase ease of use, contribute more safety and make a difference in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. One such product is the new System 900 magnetic shower head holder from HEWI, which the company has already patented and which is used primarily in healthcare facilities (Professional Care) as well as in the hotel industry and in public sanitary rooms.   

Shower area equipped with an infinitely adjustable magnetic shower holder

Well thought out down to the last detail and timeless in design

In stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in white, black and grey, the new product follows the minimalist, high-quality and timeless design that characterises all range from HEWI and forms another building block in the diverse range of barrier-free solutions. In terms of handling, the new magnetic shower head holder has been significantly simplified and is, in the sense of universal design, an optimal product for everyone and especially for users with physical limitations. Characteristic features are easy, magnet-function-based height adjustment by sliding the shower head, intuitive one-handed operation, a fully rotatable cone bracket and the conscious lack of the buttons and knobs that usually feature on such products. Thus, the shower holder can be used without strain and even by those with motor limitations.  Wet hands no longer matter, as the traditional clamping mechanism has been replaced by the novel magnetic principle, thus eliminating the need to exert pressure when adjusting the shower holder. As virtually no mechanical forces act on the product, wear is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the new magnetic shower holder is also an extremely hard-wearing and durably aesthetic product, tested for hand showers weighing up to one kilogram. HEWI also emphasises that incorrect operation can be ruled out and this new product can be used without hesitation by people with pacemakers.

Since the product has only a few joints, it is easy to clean and maintain – an important aspect especially in hygiene-sensitive healthcare facilities.  

Products are developed according to the criteria of universal design

"We continuously develop new products according to the requirements of universal design. They should be intuitive to use and easy to handle," is HEWI's guiding principle, which Florian Haude consistently implements in product management.

For HEWI, designing in the spirit of universal design means enabling the most independent use possible. Rooms and objects should be adaptable to individual needs at any time, and the products used should, as far as possible, promote independence and thus self-determination. Products such as the new shower head holder help ensure that people with physical limitations can enjoy a high level of showering comfort with minimal physical effort.

Planning sanitary areas consistently down to the last detail

As with all new developments from HEWI, this innovation is also based on the system concept. The shower rails, L-shaped support rails and shower handrails with the magnetic shower-head holder from System 900 are available in a diameter of either 25 mm or 32 mm. The aim is to give planners in architectural and interior design projects the option of a consistent, functional and visually appealing design for sanitary areas down to the last detail.

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