Useful accessories | Light mirror and shower stool

LED illuminated mirror

LED light mirror

Shower stool in the colour white

Shower stool in signal white

Useful accessories, such as LED mirrors and shower stools, allow even more comfort in the bathroom.

LED mirrors - Uniform illumination

The illuminated mirrors have LED lighting all around. The continuous LEDs are located behind the satin mirror edge. They provide uniform, glare-free illumination of the face. Warm white light provides a sense of well-being. The light source used enables realistic color reproduction. Different shapes will be available: a soft-edge mirror (1000 x 570 mm), a round mirror (diameter 700 mm) and a rectangular version (680 x 600 mm).

Shower stools - safety and comfort

As a mobile seating unit, the shower stools can be used wherever they are needed. They can be used flexibly in the bathroom - for example, also at the washbasin.

The shower stools are designed to fit perfectly into the bathroom ambience thanks to their reduced design. The stools provide support and safety while showering. They are loadable up to 150 kg. The pleasant surface is provided with a fine structure, so that slipping is prevented when wet.

On the one hand, a stool with ergonomically curved seat is available. The generously designed seat is available in anthracite gray and white. The filigree frame is made of high-quality, chromed metal in round tube design. In addition, this model has integrated holding options that support sitting down and standing up. The shower stool has a raised seat height of 50 cm, so that sitting down and standing up is additionally facilitated.

On the other hand, a shower stool formed of continuous Plexiglas is available. Due to the design, the stool has high stability - even in the wet shower. The seat height is 45 cm. The shower stool is available in matte white.

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