Intricate, light, and linear: new accessories for the bathroom

New S 900 Q design variant from HEWI complements the classic System 900 for accessible bathrooms.

Bathroom with green tiles, WC area, shower area and washbasin, fitted with white sanitary accessories

Photo: HEWI

Washplace equipped with towel rail and soap dispenser in the colour white matt

Photo: HEWI       

Our world is determined by geometric shapes – and every shape has a meaning. For HEWI, the square in particular has a special significance: This is because it symbolises stability and strength. It also has a strong architectural connection. And it is precisely these aspects that the expert for accessible sanitary solutions wants to convey with its new S 900 Q, the new design variant of the System 900 accessible architectural system. With S 900 Q, HEWI complements the System 900 accessory portfolio, which embodies a distinct architectural claim in its purism, linearity, and lightness and is used not only in the care and public sectors but also in hotels and private living areas.

WC cubicle in a public building

Photo: HEWI

System 900 is a HEWI classic that was expanded a few years ago to include accessories in a round shape. More recently, the S 900 Q has been added as a design variant. With numerous components, System 900 meets the high requirements of various building types in terms of functionality and aesthetics and hygiene and ease of maintenance – from hospitals and senior residences to hotels and private homes. The new S 900 Q accessories are useful and versatile additions to System 900 in the form of towel rails, toilet roll holders, toilet brush units, and other products. As is characteristic of HEWI, all components have been developed with the greatest care and thought through down to the last detail and designed so that they can be combined with each other. A striking example according to HEWI: In the public and care sector, S 900 Q in the stainless steel and powder coating version can be ideally complemented by the System 900 dispenser range, which is also based on the basic square shape.

Photo: HEWI

Striking spatial presence

Whilst the System 900 accessories are based on a round or cylindrical basic shape, the S 900 Q design variant is characterised by a reduced square design. The clearly defined radii and proportions together with the high-quality stainless steel, chrome, and powder-coated surfaces in timeless, matt white, black, and grey create a consistently uniform and harmonious overall appearance with a pronounced spatial presence. Inserts made of high-quality satin-finished crystal glass set an exciting contrast in their circular design and create a feeling of transparency and lightness.

Photo: HEWI

System design for a uniform look

Basic features such as continuity, the choice of surfaces, and materials as well as the high design standards form the basis of all HEWI systems. From the door to the smallest accessory, a uniform bathroom design can be readily achieved with HEWI solutions. “Our versatile products are an expression of HEWI’s unique product range. Our goal is both aesthetic and standard-compliant accessible design without compromise” says Florian Haude, Product Manager when talking about the latest development of the international specialist for accessible bathrooms. 

Bathroom with washing area and WC

Photo: HEWI

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has developed into a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories, and accessible products. Over the past 90 years, the company has grown to become a topic leader in accessibility and a recognised expert in system design. In accordance with Universal Design, HEWI focuses on the individual needs of people. 

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