New washbasins for the bathroom
in the kindergarten

Products for children must meet a variety of requirements: they must be safe to use, robust and also literally child's play. In addition, they must be easy to clean and hygienic.

Washing hands and brushing teeth are much more fun when the bathroom design in kindergartens is adapted to the needs of young users. HEWI offers a comprehensive range of sanitaryware, with cheerful colors that virtually invite you to wash and splash.

Child-friendly washbasin with blue accents, washbasin with built-in height and depth adjustment next to colourful toothbrush tumbler strips
Child-friendly washbasin with green accents, washbasin with built-in height and depth adjustment next to colourful toothbrush tumbler strips

New design options in the kindergarten bathroom

In addition to the single and double washbasins, the row washbasins add two new models with three and four seats to the child-friendly sanitary family. The built-in height and depth gradation adapts perfectly to the children's anatomy. Children of different sizes can easily clean their hands or brush their teeth.

Rounded edges support good accessibility of the fittings. The highlight: an integrated baffle plate invites playful exploration of the element of water.

The washbasins are ideal for use in kindergartens and elementary schools, as soiling - even from finger paints or acrylic paints - can be removed without leaving any residue.

HEWI mirror: safe solution at the child-friendly wash place

The mirrors, available in two sizes, are ideal to combine with the washbasins. On the mirrors there is a colored border at the top and bottom. The high-contrast design enables better perception and sets colorful accents in the kindergarten bathroom.

The mirrors made of toughened safety glass have a shatter protection foil as well as an anti-unhooking device. In case of a broken mirror, the splinters stick to the foil and do not spread uncontrollably in the room. The unhooking safety device prevents accidental unhooking of the mirror by the children.

Child-friendly washbasin with green accents; two washbasins at different heights next to colourful toothbrush holders

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