Developed for high requirements

Highly frequented buildings

HEWI has decades of experience and develops innovative products for reliable use in highly frequented sanitary facilities.

Highly frequented public buildings

Reliable equipment solutions
for the property

Public buildings are designed for high visitor frequency. The requirements for sustainability, robustness and economic efficiency are high. Even after years of continuous use, the products must withstand high loads and vandalism. In addition to railway stations, airports or shopping centers, HEWI also offers end-to-end solutions for sports facilities, such as sports halls in educational institutions or sanitary areas in fitness centers. 

Dispenser systems

Cleanliness and hygiene in public sanitary rooms

Dispenser systems effectively increase hygiene in the sanitary room. Thanks to their minimalist design, they can be easily integrated into any design and, due to their variety of materials, offer design options as well. Manually operated versions are available as well as a selection of electronically controlled, non-contact models. A locking mechanism protects against theft and misuse. The dispensers are maintenance-free, hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The new disinfectant dispenser column from HEWI meets the increased hygiene requirements in public and highly frequented areas.

Manual dispensers

In the case of the manual dispensers, the control element made of high-quality polyamide is contrasted in colour so that use can be intuitively grasped. They enable easy and clean removal of consumables such as soap or paper towels and their hygienic disposal.

Electronic dispensers

With the SENSORIC dispensers, removal is possible without contact. This additionally increases hygiene. The electronic dispensers are battery operated and have a display indicating the need for battery replacement. Especially economical: The paper length is adjustable on the paper roll dispenser.

Comprehensive solutions

HEWI offers a wide range of manual and electronic dispensing systems. The range includes soap and disinfectant dispensers, various paper towel dispensers and waste bins as well as hygiene combinations.  

Series 805

Protection against theft and vandalism

Range 805 was designed for use in public sanitary rooms. The high quality, which is reflected in the selection of robust, easy-care materials, enables high-quality and durable products. Well thought-out details such as lockable dispensers or concealed fastenings, protect against theft and vandalism. Range 805 offers a wide range depth - also for partition walls. Hygiene is enhanced by additional product features such as the disinfectant reservoir of the toilet brush holder. 

Range 805 Classic

Consistent, standard-compliant equipment

Public buildings should be accessible to as many people as possible regardless of their physical condition. In addition, everyone should be able to find their way around the building and the equipment should be intuitive to use. This applies equally to all object types.With Range 805 Classic, HEWI offers a robust system solution which enables standard-compliant equipment for all areas of the public sanitary room - whether for washbasin, WC or even shower areas. 

Integrated Accessibility

The barrierfree products enable comprehensive accessibility and usability of the sanitary room regardless of the physical conditions of the individual. The products aid and provide reliable support for people with limited strength and mobility. With Range 805 Classic, all requirements for barrierfree furnishing in public areas can be met.



SERVICE AND information

Whether sanitary systems or cross-design and cross-range hardware for doors and windows - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee high ease of use and unlimited functionality in a multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs.



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