Modular washbasin with grab rail and shelves for bathroom utensils in dark grey matt stainless steel

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How to find the right washbasin for your customers 

Are you designing sanitary facilities for your customers and looking for inspiration for the washbasin area? In this article, you will discover nine different washbasin types - as not all washbasins are the same.  

Whether in public sanitary areas or in private bathrooms - Washbasins are indispensable. In addition to their practical function, they are an essential bathroom design element. Many different washbasin models are available, each offering different advantages, for greater design diversity: 

1. Accessible washbasins 

Users are placing more and more demands on their bathroom furnishings. Accessible washbasins are becoming. increasingly important, especially in view of demographic change. As a planner and architect, you should take this into account when planning the furnishings. It is important that accessible washbasins are accessible. HEWI offers a wide range of different washbasin types that enable accessibility. These are suitable for use in both care homes and private bathrooms.  

2. Washbasins with integrated handles

Washbasins with integrated handles are the prime example of universal design. The recesses in the washbasin material look like towel rails - and can of course be used as such - while also functioning as handles. The ability to hold onto something around the washbasin is particularly important for people with limited strength and mobility. Washbasins with integrated handles can be held at the front or sides. This makes them comfortable to hold and offers users valuable support in their everyday lives. 

3. Washbasins with concealed handle edge  

These washbasins combine design. And functionality thanks to their concealed handle edge The handle edge in the front area allows wheelchair users to pull themselves up to the washbasin independently. For other users, the edge provides a secure grip and can be used to aid holding on, sitting down or standing up. This washbasin has a high-gloss, non-porous surface. It is easy to clean, particularly easy to care for and hygienic.  



4. Modular washbasin concept

The modular washbasin system is HEWI's answer to demographic change. Innovative concepts are becoming increasingly important, especially in terms of architecture and product solutions. The modular washbasin system allows the washbasin to be supplemented with additional products that offer important extra functions. The system allows the integration of an adaptive grab rail that also serves as a towel rail and a modular storage system directly on the washbasin. This ensures that all bathroom accessories find their place within easy reach. 

5. Washbasins with storage space

Storage options for soap dispensers or toothbrush holders are often in short supply in bathrooms. Washbasins with integrated storage surfaces are the perfect solution. The HEWI washbasins with surfaces on the sides and a round basin are an eye-catcher in any bathroom. The mineral cast washbasin designs have a non-porous surface that is both easy to clean and particularly hygienic.  

6. Washbasins with or without overflow

Washbasins with overflow are probably the most widespread type of washbasin. They provide protection against overflowing water if the tap is left running. Models from HEWI are available with concealed overflow and a high-gloss chrome-look rosette. If necessary, it is possible to replace and renew the overflow at any time. Washbasin models that do not have an overflow, on the other hand,are more hygienic These washbasins provide increased hygiene, especially when it comes to cleaning, as bacteria and dirt are less likely to accumulate on smooth surfaces without edges and holes. 

7. Washbasin with surge edge 

Washbasins with a surge edge against the wall offer particular hygienic advantages. The washbasin design is such that no water, dirt or bacteria collect at the joint against the wall. In addition, the surge edge protects the wall behind it from water and therefore prevents the formation of damp and mould. Selected washbasin designs from HEWI have this function. 

8. Washbasins with variable length  

The variable-length washbasins offer increased design diversity. These washbasin models can be selected with a varying width from 85 cm up to 280 cm according to your customers' needs. These variable-length washbasins are also made of mineral cast and have a non-porous surface. This makes them particularly hygienic and easy to maintain. 

9. Double and row washbasins

Washbasin types with two or more washing places next to each other offer space for several users at the same time. The double and row washbasins from HEWI are designed for use in nurseries, daycare centres and schools. With their cheerful colours, they invite people to wash their hands and support playful engagement with the element of water. The built-in height and depth adjustment perfectly adapts to the anatomy of the children. Rounded corners and edges protect against knocks and help to ensure that the fittings are easy to reach, even for small users. The washbasins have a non-porous, easy-care and hygienic surface. Even acrylic and finger paints can be removed without leaving any residue.  

Choose the right washbasin for your customers 

Whether washbasins with shelves, handles, overflows, concealed handle edges, surge edges, double and row washbasins or washbasins with integrable modules: There is a wealth of different washbasin ideas that address the most diverse needs of your customers. 

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