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People at the centre

Flexible, adaptable and expandable - that’s LifeSystem. LifeSystem puts people at the centre. This is a system that can be used independently of physical conditions. Products that can be flexibly used promote independence. LifeSystem products can be adapted to the user's body dimensions and have been developed with ergonomic and kinaesthetic aspects in mind. Well thought-out product details offer safe and comfortable use. Used together, the individual products create an intelligent, aesthetically designed system. Functionality, flexibility, easy care and durability, help care staff in their daily work and ensures HEWI’s LifeSystem is a professional system for care.

Colour variety for hinged support rails

HEWI’s newly designed hinged support rails offer a wide range of design options thanks to the variety of colour combinations. The variants available are white-white, white-anthracite, anthracite-white and anthracite-anthracite. The surface of the cantilever is gloss and the grip pad matt. This provides additional hygiene and a better grip thanks to the soft feel of the matt surface. The new design is rounded off with a chrome disc on the joint.

New seating options

The new seating options from the HEWI LifeSystem Redesign have been developed keeping both ergonomic and kinaesthetic aspects in mind and create a satisfying sitting experience. Thanks to their height adjustment options, the LifeSystem seats and stools can be infinitely adapted to the user's body size to increase sitting comfort. Additional functions, individually selected, cater to different user needs and underline the flexibility of the system.

Toilet brush set

The toilet brush set is particularly user-friendly - especially for people with limited mobility. The toilet brush has an extended, ergonomically shaped handle, for an easier grip. The toilet brush bowl has a conical shape which allows the toilet brush to be centred automatically. There’s an internal reservoir for disinfectant which dramatically improves hygiene. Not only that but the brush head can also be quickly and easily replaced.

Mirror shelf

The LifeSystem mirror shelf with its integrated handles provides a secure hold. With the help of the handles, the patient can stand up independently at the washbasin and can find a secure handle to hold onto when sitting or standing. The handles are made of high-quality polyamide, which has an especially pleasant feel.

System solutions for care

Shower curtains

In existing bathrooms, it is often simply impossible to achieve an optimal solution with standard products. Made-to-measure shower curtains fit exactly into the structural space and offer design freedom. HEWI shower curtains are available in many standard sizes but on request, can also be made to measure according to your specifications - from a single curtain to series production. This also applies to the curtain rails you will need.




ENTRO offers modular solutions for handrails, wall protection and signage. The modular principle for the handrails allows a wide range of possible combinations making it possible to create precisely fitted solutions.

product details


The intelligent and well thought-out product details of HEWI’s LifeSystem offer both comfortable and secure use. Collectively, the products create an intelligent system that supports both the user and the caregiver.

Material and colour options

  • Contact surfaces made of high-quality polyamide
  • Supporting elements made of high-quality metal
  • Seat and outer surfaces made of PUR

Support Elements

Signal white
Stainless steel satin

Contact Surfaces

Signal white
Pure white
Light grey
Stone grey
Anthracite grey
Jet black
Mustard yellow
Ruby red
Apple green
May green
Aqua blue
Steel blue


NOA Product Design, Aachen


  • red dot award: product design 2003
red dot award: product design 2003

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