Glastür mit Holzrahmen zu einem Yoga-Raum ausgestattet mit HEWI Türgriff 111 in Anthrazit matt aus Polyamid


Door fittings for all occasions - safety in dangerous situations

When planning and equipping public buildings, the safety of people is of course, a vital aspect. Particularly in hazardous situations, escape routes need to be found intuitively and escape doors need to be easily opened. HEWI offers a comprehensive range of fire protection fittings that enables everyone to find their way out of the building in dangerous situations.

Fire protection fittings in different variations

HEWI offers fire protection fittings in a number of different systems, which not only ensure that the door can be accessed, but also allow for different colours and surface accents in the room. The fire protection fittings from the System 111 are available in high-gloss and matt polyamide as well as in stainless steel matt polished. The available 16 HEWI colours include signal colours that make the door handle more visible in panic situations and contribute to a quick exit from the room.


The HEWI door frame fittings from the System 162 are available in matt white and grey shades as well as black. This matt finish has a warm effect and creates a feel-good atmosphere from the door into the room. Interchangeable fittings are also available with fire protection.


HEWI fire protection fittings are primarily designed for the contract sector. However, germs and bacteria are a particularly important and additional issue in hospitals and facilities for the elderly. To prevent the spread of these, the HEWI active+ fire protection set offers a big plus in hygiene. It consists of antimicrobial micro-silver, which significantly reduces the number of germs on the product surfaces between cleaning and disinfection cycles. Inside 24 hours, unwanted germs are constantly reduced on the surface of the products, so that 99.9% of germs are eliminated over this period. Naturally, this significantly reduces the risk of pathogen transmission and is an effective support for better hygiene.

Requirements for fire protection fittings

Fire protection fittings must withstand continuous function testing over 200,000 opening and closing operations. These requirements are regulated by DIN 18273 and the fitting must not deform or change in any way during the test. In the event of a fire, the fitting must be guaranteed to continue to function at over 1,000 degrees Celsius. HEWI door handles meet these class B1 or D1 fire resistance requirements and ensure that a door can still be opened and closed in the event of a fire.


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