HEWI Türdrücker mit gebogener U-Form in Maigrün aus Polyamid


Opening the door without touching it - thanks to the HEWI lever handle

The importance of the topic of hygiene is becoming increasingly important in the fields of architecture and construction. Especially when designing highly frequented buildings and rooms in public areas.HEWI presents a solution for opening the door without touching it - for more hygiene at the door.

One of the most frequent transmission paths of bacteria and viruses to humans is the lever handle. When coughing and sneezing, germs get on the hand, which many people leave on door handles when touching them. Especially in highly frequented buildings such as offices, educational and health facilities as well as shopping centres or sports facilities germs spread rapidly.
There are solutions that could slow down the spread of germs. HEWI has developed a specially shaped and coated lever handle which enables doors to be opened with the elbow. 

HEWI Türdrücker mit runder U-Form in Signalweiß aus Polyamid

Model 115

Open door without touching

For HEWI, design and function are closely linked. This design philosophy is also reflected in solutions and products in the area of hygiene.

With the well thought-out design of lever handle 115 and a special surface, HEWI enables optimum hygiene at the door.

The lever handle 115 can be easily operated with the elbow thanks to its clever ergonomic design. The user opens the door with the elbow handle without touching the door handle or the door with his hand.

The learned look of the handle allows intuitive operation with the elbow when closing and opening doors. The door can be opened without touching it.

Good to know: the rounded shape of the door handle is easy to grip even when operated by hand and prevents it from slipping. The U-shape also prevents the clothes from getting caught in passing. 

Model 115 intuitive operation with the elliptical

More hygiene at the door

The lever handle 115 is also available on request in the variant active+ and provides a further plus in hygiene. It is not always possible to operate a door handle with your elbow. In this case, the antimicrobial surface of active+ offers additional hygiene at the door.

The active+ process has been successfully used for years in buildings with strict hygiene requirements such as hospitals and nursing homes. Especially in these facilities, optimal hygiene is important for patients and residents with a weakened immune system. 


With the lever handle 111 HEWI offers a further solution on the door with an antimicrobial surface.

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