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Day-care centre for children "In der Kammgarnspinnerei

This children's day care centre not only surprises with its visionary concept.
The modern day care centre "In der Kammgarnspinnerei" was built in the water city of Brandenburg an der Havel. With a floor space of 2,000 square meters, the daycare center offers space for a total of 120 children in the crèche, kindergarten and after-school care. HEWI's solutions in the sanitary rooms round off the innovative concept.

Project description

The day care centre is located in a tranquil environment with residential and holiday settlements, a supermarket and a senior citizens' residence. There is also a direct cooperation with the latter in order to unite the different generations in a playful way.

During construction, part of the old factory site on Neuendorfer Strasse was reactivated and now contains the extraordinary day care centre "In der Kammgarnspinnerei". It is located in the former production hall and is thus structurally very different from other facilities of this kind. 

A dreamlike facility for children

In the former production hall, one third of the area is taken up by the house built into it. The various age-appropriate rooms and sanitary facilities are located here. The ground floor houses the crèche and kindergarten area as well as the dining room, which also serves as a multifunctional hall. On the first floor, in addition to the after-school care centre, staff and technical rooms and the administration area, there are also functional and play rooms that are used by all children in the day care centre.

The remaining two-thirds of the total area is occupied by the roofed arcade, which is connected to the outside area by six openable rolling gates. In the indoor play area there are many play and movement possibilities for the little ones: trampolines, climbing wall, sand playground with climbing frame in spider form and an eight-shaped scooter track. When the gates are open, the transition to the outdoor area is smooth and the children can use the natural grass surface and the multifunctional pitch for various sports such as handball, football or basketball.

Child safety in all areas

Centrally located in the area between the main building and the indoor area is also the slightly elevated stage. This is used by the day care centre for various events and performances and also offers a spiral staircase suitable for children up to the gallery on the upper floor. This is of course designed to be childproof thanks to a stainless steel mesh.

The entire facility has many skylights, which provide the daycare centre with sufficient daylight. In good weather they can be opened and on dark days they still keep the area bright enough. The windows help to save electricity, but the nursery is also an energy-saving house in other respects. It has a photovoltaic system on the roof, which supplies the entire building with electricity, heat and hot water. Any surplus energy is sold, generating additional income and minimising running costs. 

HEWI solutions in the worsted spinning mill daycare center

Washing hands and brushing teeth is much more fun at the worsted spinning mill in the KITA, even if the wash place design is adapted to the needs of the little users. HEWI's solutions with cheerful colours around the washing area virtually invite you to wash and splash around.
The range of solutions in the KITA in the worsted spinning mill includes washbasins, mirrors, fittings, toothbrush cup holders and accessories such as soap dispensers or toilet roll holders. In the KITA in the worsted spinning mill, barrier-free equipment solutions in the sanitary rooms also help the children to use them.

Washbasins and mirrors

Especially for small users, HEWI has developed washbasins and mirrors which meet the requirements for product solutions in kindergartens and primary schools. The washbasin range includes single and double washbasins as well as a version with integrated recessed grips. At the KITA in the worsted spinning mill, the two-colour version with cheerful apple green makes the children happy.
The mirrors made of ESG safety glass have a shatter protection film and a safety catch. The washbasins are ideal for use in kindergartens and primary schools, as stains - even from finger paints or acrylic paints - can be removed without leaving any residue.

Single washbasin

The fine radii of the washbasins mean that there are no corners or edges where children could bump into each other. The narrow rim as well as the compact design of the mineral cast washbasins ensure that even small children can reach the fitting effortlessly. 

Double washbasin

In addition to the single washbasins, double washbasins are also available, which are particularly suitable for use in day-care centres and are particularly easy to clean thanks to the non-porous cast mineral surface.

Accessories of the 477/801 series

In the washrooms, WCs and barrier-free WCs in the KITA in the Kammgarnspinnerei, accessories from the series 477/801 such as WC paper holders, brush sets or support folding handles are used.

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Brandenburger Bank Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank eG


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