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Stylish addition: HEWI expands the Re-Seat family with new chrome-framed versions

Interview with HEWI product manager, Susan Herrmann

HEWI has extended the Re-Seat family to include a version with a chrome frame, which complements the existing chairs and stools with black matt frames. In this interview, our product manager, Susan Herrmann, talks about the development of bathroom furniture made from post-industrial recyclate (PIR) and explains its special properties. 

Susan Herrmann | Senior Product Manager

HEWI: Ms Herrmann, what was your role in the development of the Re-Seat family?

Susan Herrmann: I work as a product manager at HEWI. In collaboration with the project team – made up of colleagues from marketing, (material) development, design and purchasing – we jointly developed the Re-Seat family and launched it on the market. The development process for the Re-Seat family was somewhat different than is usually the case with new product development.

HEWI: That sounds very interesting. Why don't you tell us more about product development and the idea behind the Re-Seat family?

Susan Herrmann: HEWI stands for products that are designed according to universal design aspects. Function and quality in combination with an aesthetically pleasing design are our top priorities. In this way, we enable optimum use for everyone and guarantee durable and long-lasting products for years to come.  As experts in the field of plastics and injection moulding technology, we have been dealing with the reuse of plastic for a long time and have therefore asked ourselves the question: How can we use the extra material generated in our production to manufacture a new product? Until now, it has actually been rather unusual to upcycle material from production and then use it in the visible surfaces of a newly created product. For this project, it was of course important for us to manufacture a product from a recycled material that meets the high quality standards that we and our customers expect of our solutions. For us, one such material is the post-industrial recyclate that we use for the Re-Seat family. The seats are made of a mixture of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide. The latter comes from HEWI production while the former is sourced from a regionally based company.

HEWI: Is that where the name "Re-Seat family" comes from?

Susan Herrmann: Yes, exactly. The syllable "Re" is derived from the English word "Recycle". It therefore alludes to the main feature that characterises this bathroom furniture. As our Re-Seat family is produced with high-quality post-industrial recyclate, we also save on intensive treatment processes and a lot of energy during production. By sourcing raw materials and parts regionally, we are strengthening regional supply chains and cooperating with local partners – this is also a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy.

HEWI: What is so special about the surface of the Re-Seat family and what colour variants are available?

Susan Herrmann: The special thing about this furniture is that every stool and bath chair is unique. This is because the two materials have different melting points, creating a mottled structure with small speckles of colour on the surface during the injection moulding process. These tell the unique colour story of HEWI: all the colours from the HEWI polyamide range are immortalised in this bathroom furniture.

The surface of the seat and backrest as well as the armrests are designed in two completely new colours: Forest Green and Dark Granite Grey. Both shades are quite close to nature. Whilst the Dark Granite Grey harmonises quite well with other products from the HEWI portfolio and is rather subdued, Forest Green can be used to emphasise certain elements in the bathroom. For example, it goes particularly well with the HEWI favourite colour Somber Sage Green from System 900. Although each product in the Re-Seat family is unique in itself, they still fit together perfectly in the composition.

The frames of the seating options are now also available in two colours, increasing the design variety. In addition to the existing frame in matt black, a high-gloss version with chrome details is now also available.

HEWI: And how did the addition of a version with a chrome frame to the Re-Seat family come about?

There were several considerations at the forefront of the expansion of our Re-Seat family to include a version with a chrome frame. As a system provider, we want to offer a variety of designs that allow our products to be harmoniously integrated into any interior design. The new chrome version complements our existing models in matt black, thereby offering the opportunity to create high-gloss accents in the bathroom. Our aim was to expand the Re-Seat family range so that there is a suitable solution for every individual design wish and need. The chrome version therefore rounds off our product assortment and extends our range of convenient and attractive design options.

HEWI: What other special features characterise the bathroom furniture?

Susan Herrmann: Our Re-Seat family is based on a slender round tube design made of metal, which is optionallypowder-coated in black or high-gloss chrome-plated. As already mentioned, the seats, backrests and armrests of the Re-Seat family are made of post-industrial recycled material, which makes each piece of bathroom furniture unique and is the most special feature of the products.

With the Re-Seat family, it was of course also important to us that the products are just as hygienic as the other HEWI solutions.  Therefore, the surfaces made of the material blend are very easy to clean and are resistant to cleaning agents. In addition, thanks to their minimalist design, the bathroom furniture has very few joints where dirt and bacteria could collect.

Another special feature is that each stool and bathroom chair in our Re-Seat family has a different function. Due to its compact dimensions, the small stool is perfect for narrow bathrooms and showers with small floor areas, for example. Thanks to its frame shape, it always ensures a secure stand and is absolutely tip-proof. The stool with integrated recessed grips offers perfect support to users for sitting down and standing up. The same applies to the stool with side support handles – the raised and ergonomically shaped support handles provide users with the necessary safety in the bathroom and make their everyday life easier. The bath chair, which is available with or without armrests, has a towel rail on the back, which is also ideal for holding onto if required. For nursing-care staff, this device is also quite useful for moving the chair quickly from A to B. The large bath chair has a circumferential railing. The armrests on this model are also ergonomically shaped and actively support the user during use. People with physical disabilities, for example, can feel their way around the railing until they can sit down safely on the chair.  In this way, the different models respond to the individual needs of the user.

HEWI: Thank you very much for your time and the interesting interview, Ms Herrmann.


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