Non-contact system fittings save resources

With the increased hygiene measures during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, water consumption is rising. The energy service provider Techem recently published the results of a survey of 50,000 households. According to this report, cold water consumption in the months of March and April rose by 10% compared to the same period last year, and hot water consumption by as much as 11%.

However, visitors, patients and guests also wash their hands more frequently in public buildings, healthcare facilities and hotels. The result: increased water consumption per capita. Discover our SENSORIC fittings for public buildings, which are particularly water-saving, hygienic and robust.

How touchless fittings reduce water consumption!

The intelligent sensor technology of electronic faucets allows you to significantly reduce your water consumption. HEWI SENSORIC fittings are triggered by activating the sensor - all it takes is a hand movement. The water flow stops after a preset time interval. This enables the valuable resource of water to be saved efficiently.

The free HEWI App also provides an overview of the water consumption and user frequency of each HEWI SENSORIC electronic fitting installed in the property.

More hygiene and convenience with touchless fittings

HEWI SENSORIC system fittings have a further advantage in addition to water saving: They offer maximum hygiene. This is because no touching of the electronic fitting is necessary to trigger the valve - thus preventing the transmission of pathogens through the fitting.

An automatic hygiene flush also prevents germs from settling inside. With the aid of the app, regular hygiene flushing can be carried out simultaneously for all installed HEWI SENSORIC system fittings, for example. This increases hygiene and reduces the amount of cleaning required.

The water temperature is preset to around 30-36 °C. This value can be changed individually during the installation. In this way the SENSORIC fittings can be adapted to the respective user requirements.

Aesthetic sanitary solution with robust properties

In addition, the temperature cannot be manipulated by unauthorised persons and the absence of mechanical levers on the touch-free fittings protects against damage caused by vandalism.

The new electronic wash basin fittings in a matt stainless steel look are an aesthetic eye-catcher. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and the use of robust materials, they offer the ideal solution for highly frequented sanitary rooms.

The electronic fitting can be operated either with a lithium battery or via a plug-in power supply unit. In the event of a power failure, the valves of the electronic faucet close automatically so that the water flow is deactivated.

Further resource-saving sanitary solutions

The electronic wash basin fittings are supplemented by HEWI SENSORIC dispenser systems. The electronically operated soap and paper dispensers enable an efficient use of the consumables and also increase hygiene in the sanitary room through their touch-free use.

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