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Harmonious interplay between lever handle and door

The design of a door gives us a first impression of a room even before we enter it. Door design plays a significant role in representing the style of a building, even in its interior. Discover the harmony between Westag AG doors and HEWI lever handles in this article.

Image credits: Westag AG

Inspiring exhibition in old factory hall - Alte Fügerei F10

Westag AG has built an impressive showroom in the Alte Fügerei F10 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück for the brand relaunch of its laminate Getalit. The self-contained showroom was integrated into an old production hall. It can be bypassed and shows an emotional representation of the Westag company history on the outside.

Inside, a room of inspiration was created: Westag products are presented using elements, geometric shapes, patterns and digital tools. The exhibition is aimed, among others, at those interested in interior design and commercial construction. The aim is to inspire, actively address and encourage visitors to implement their creative ideas with the products presented.

Also included are HEWI lever handles in the mini version

The exhibition is dominated by bold, timeless colors. This forms a design contrast to the construction of the old factory building, which is characterized by steel girders, concrete and stone. Thus, the colors of the exhibition and the simplicity of the industrial building meet.

This exciting contrast is also reflected in the doors with the HEWI lever handle in the mini variation. The company's colored door leaves were combined with HEWI door handles in black. This creates an elegant combination. But also poppy accents can be found in the exhibition of the door manufacturer: For example, a combination of a red door with a blue HEWI lever handle 111 and reduced rosette.

The successful display in the Old Joinery F10 shows how the design of the elements of Westag AG and HEWI harmonize perfectly and highlight each other.

Image credits: Westag AG

Symbiosis at the door

The Westag AG exhibition presents how doors can be harmoniously combined with lever handles. Whether green, yellow, red or pink doors - mini always fits. The minimalist rosette underlines the extraordinary door design of Westag AG.

Particularly in living spaces, material combinations play an important role in the design to increase the well-being of the occupants. Lever handles in the variation mini are discreet and yet eye-catching. They visually combine with the high-quality Westag doors and together with them form an aesthetic eye-catcher in the room.

Mini enables elegant contrasts between lever handle and door leaf through color combinations. But the reduced design can also be integrated inconspicuously on a colored door, as the exhibition in the Alte Fügerei F10 shows.

Image credits: Westag AG

Westag AG: First-class manufacturer of wood-based products

Westag AG is one of the three largest interior door manufacturers on the German market. Westag AG positions itself as the leading supplier of processed wood products and surface materials in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Getalit laminate produced by Westag is a high-quality HPL (High Pressure Laminate), which has outstanding properties. The decors of the new Getalit collection can be admired in the exhibition in the Old Joinery F10.

Sophisticated door design as a common goal

Back at the end of 2017, Westag AG and HEWI jointly organized a workshop on the topic of "Functionality and Design". Even then, the companies showed how mini harmonizes with Westag AG's expressive door surfaces and forms a design unity with them.

The collaboration will continue within the exhibition. Designing doors that have added design value and give rooms character - that is the intention of Westag AG and HEWI.

Minimalism redefined - HEWI lever handle in the mini variant

HEWI lever handle of the design mini form a purist design solution on the door. The deliberate simplification of the design - reduced to the essentials - makes mini a style-defining element. The absence of superfluous key rosettes determines the minimalist concept of the door handle variant. The greatly reduced rosette of mini emphasizes the clear geometry of HEWI lever handles. With a diameter of just 32 mm and an overall height of only 3 mm, mini is characterized by formal restraint. The mini version is suitable for interior doors in the private sector as well as for busy office and commercial buildings and hotels. The rosette variation is available in high-gloss polyamide in all 16 HEWI colors, matt polyamide in black, gray and white as well as in the stainless steel matt finish. In this way, mini enables modern, consistent room design or deliberately sets accents on the door.

Mini relies on an innovative mounting concept - the variation enables simple, quick mounting of roses and lever handles and does not require drilling at all.

Sophisticated design, innovative mounting, reliable technology, sustainable quality and high gripping comfort - with mini, less is more.


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