Colourful accents

System solutions for kindergartens and primary schools

Kindergartens, daycare centres and primary schools

Colourful accents and easy to use

Products for children have to meet a variety of requirements: they must be safe to use, robust and also literally child's play to use. In addition, they must be easy to clean and hygienic. Products that are used in cots, nurseries, kindergartens or schools must be able to withstand high loads over the long term. HEWI products for children meet all these requirements.

In the washroom

Child friendly solutions

Washing hands and brushing teeth is much more fun when the wash place design is adapted to the needs of the little users. HEWI offers a comprehensive range of products for the washing area which, with its cheerful colours, virtually invites you to wash and splash around.

The product range includes washbasins, mirrors, fittings, tumbler racks with hooks and accessories.

Single washbasin

The small radii of the washbasins mean that there are no corners or edges where children could bump into each other. The narrow rim as well as the compact design of the mineral cast washbasins allow even small children to reach the tap effortlessly.

Double washbasin

Double washbasins are particularly suitable for use in day-care centres. The non-porous mineral cast surface is particularly easy to clean. 

Integrated accessibility

For inclusive furnishing concepts, HEWI offers small washbasin solutions with integrated recessed handles. They provide safety and can also be used by children sitting down due to their depth. 

System 800 K

The use of colours makes it easier for children to use the system intuitively. The accessories from System 800 K have coloured functional areas which can be designed in all HEWI colours. The modularity of the system allows for the consistent furnishing of the sanitary room, starting with classic accessories and comfort products through to products for barrier-free areas.

Promoting inclusion

Accessible solutions for children

Many facilities for children, such as kindergartens or daycare centers, already work on an inclusive basis today. In contrast to the term integration, which states that people with disabilities should be included in an existing system, inclusion means that all people must belong as a matter of course and have the same opportunities. This also applies to small children who have a handicap. For HEWI, universal design means developing products which can be used by all people equally - whether large, small, with or without a wheelchair.

Orientation through colours

Targeted use of colour contrasts facilitates orientation and enables intuitive use. As only the functional elements of System 800 K are coloured, these are highlighted and the function is illustrated. If the functional elements are also designed in a contrasting colour to the surroundings, they are also easily perceptible for children with visual impairments. HEWI offers accessible system solutions for the areas of sitting, supporting and gripping which, thanks to their reduced and friendly design, fit optimally and unobtrusively into every children's bathroom.

Consistent design

Good ideas for all rooms

The new M20 furniture opens up space for the design of individual children's tents. Due to the module principle, it is particularly flexible and therefore fits into almost any kindergarten or primary school corridor. 

Modular furniture system with benches

The single cube forms the central design element and can be individually extended at any time. The different modules can be arranged and combined with each other as desired. Triple hooks create additional order and set colourful accents. Ergonomic benches in three different heights complete the range.

In the hallway

Cloakrooms and fittings

Colourful cloakrooms, door handles, window handles and handrails are available to match the sanitary systems, so that a consistent design is possible. Due to their large radii, these are easy for children's hands to grasp and minimize the risk of injury.

Fittings for doors and windows

The rounded shape of the lever handle 111 is easy for small children to grasp. The U-shape of the lever handle prevents the hand from slipping off when gripping. Due to the shape of the lever handle, you cannot get caught in passing. Windows with a tilt before turn function allow the window to be tilted only when the window handle is closed. If the window handle is not locked, the window is released for tilting with a 90° turn and for complete opening with a 180° turn.


Cloakrooms and hook rails offer plenty of storage space and create room to play. Coloured wardrobes, door handles and window handles, which stand out from the background in a contrasting colour, are easily recognisable even by children, thus increasing safety.

for kindergartens and daycare centers

HEWI is continuously developing its portfolio and is setting standards as the market leader in the care sector. Many years of experience have made us an expert in this field. Discover our system solutions from the entrance area to the corridors and the patient bathroom.




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Whether sanitary systems or cross-design and cross-series hardware for doors and windows - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee high ease of use and unlimited functionality in a multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs.



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