System 111

Systematic Design Classic

HEWI wrote design history with the lever handle 111. An ergonomic shape, glossy surfaces and characteristic colours enabled System 111 to become a true classic in architecture. A steel core inside the polyamide lever handle, perfected technology and careful workmanship using high-quality materials ensure enduring excellence. The U-shape of the lever handle enables the user to grip securely and has a pleasant feel. Numerous material options (polyamide and stainless steel), a high degree of functionality and selected colours still characterise the System 111 fittings to this day.

Thanks to the comprehensive product range, System 111 can be used for many and diverse purposes.


Polyamide with steel core

HEWI active+ (polyamide with antimicrobial finish)
Class 3 and 4
DIN 18273
DIN 18040
ÖNORM B 1600
SIA 500
HEWI, Bad Arolsen 23 mm
21,3 mm
20 mm

Stainless Steel

DIN EN 1906
Klasse 3 und 4
DIN EN 179
DIN 18273
DIN 18040
ÖNORM B 1600
SIA 500
HEWI, Bad Arolsen 21,3 mm
iF - Die gute Industrieform
Universal Design
Design Plus

Design Rich in Contrast

System 111

The deliberate use of colour creates structure and contrast and therefore enables orientation. Fittings which stand out in contrast to their surroundings, can also be discerned by those with limited vision. The visual contrast between two elements can be determined with the help of the light reflectance value (LRV).

Design rich in contrast

The polyamide version of System 111 offers a large choice of colours and therefore a large number of options for design that is rich in contrast. Orientation is made easier, for example, if the lever handle strikingly stands out against the door leaf.

Material Diversity

System 111

System 111 - Polyamide

The polyamide model is strengthened inside by a steel core. High-gloss surfaces, a pleasant feel and colour characterise the original.

System 111 - Stainless steel
Stainless steel

System 111 made of high-quality stainless steel is available in satin finish.

New Colours
New Colours

The new colour concepts allows all HEWI polyamide systems to be individually brought together to form a coherent design concept. It is multi-system and includes sanitary accessories, hardware, handrails and accessibility products and thus enables consistent design with colour.

The Comprehensive Product Range

System 111

The product range offers a functional system solution in timeless design. System 111 not only includes lever handles but also door accessories, signage and cloakroom products. The hardware system can be combined with the sanitary range 477 and the accessibility products of Range 801 as well as the handrails of the color System.

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