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Security concepts for buildings: Stylish and efficient solutions

The balance between security and aesthetics in public and commercial buildings is a key challenge in modern architecture. A well thought-out security concept for buildings is a fundamental necessity that you must take into account during planning. Nowadays, security measures can be implemented with a high standard of aesthetics. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the security requirements and their effective implementation, which also impress with their design-orientated layout.

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Basics for more security in buildings 

A security concept for buildings comprises all measures and strategies aimed at ensuring the security of people and property. This includes physical barriers, technological solutions and organisational measures, which together form a comprehensive security strategy. A well thought-out security concept reduces the risk of theft, vandalism and other threats and creates a safe environment for building users.


A comprehensive security concept for buildings includes various measures and strategies that together create a safe environment. These elements are essential to protect people and property from potential threats and to ensure compliance with legal requirements:

  • Access control
  • Surveillance systems
  • Fire protection and evacuation plans
  • Emergency lighting and security lighting



The aesthetic design of buildings plays a central role in creating pleasant and inviting environments. The challenge is to integrate a security concept for buildings in such a way that it does not detract from the architectural design. Design strategies that combine security and aesthetics include the use of almost invisible or discreetly placed security elements such as hidden cameras, stylish access controls and integrated lighting.

Modern reception counter with a touch-free disinfectant dispenser in matt black stainless steel

Implement security concepts for buildings directly at the entrance: Security solutions for doors

Doors are crucial elements for security in buildings and must be designed to be both functional and secure. Modern technologies and materials offer a wide range of options for making doors more secure.

Added security in the building thanks to access control systems

Modern access control systems for doors offer a variety of options for denying access to unauthorised persons. Key cards, biometric scanners and PIN entry systems are some of the most common technologies. These systems can be integrated into door frames and handles to provide a seamless and unobtrusive security solution. Their unobtrusive integration allows them to blend discreetly into the architectural design without detracting from the aesthetics of the building.

Increase building security with burglar-proof doors

Burglar-proof doors are specially developed to withstand break-in attempts and thereby increase security in the building. They are made of reinforced materials such as steel or toughened glass and are equipped with high-security locking systems. Burglar-proof doors can be used in both residential and commercial buildings to ensure maximum protection.


Hardware for panic situations offer increased security

The safety of people is the focus when planning and equipping buildings. Securing escape and rescue routes is of particular importance here. Reliable and permanently functioning hardware solutions for escape doors must allow for quick escape in an emergency. It must be possible to open these emergency exits with little effort by means of a handle and without prior knowledge of the user by operating the panic lock. One example of this is the stylish HEWI panic bar, which can be operated intuitively with minimal effort. 

Panic bar on a public building door made of matt polished stainless steel with green polyamide handle tube


Indispensable for security in buildings: Fire doors

Fire doors are an essential part of the security concept for buildings. They are designed to withstand fire and smoke for a certain period of time in the event of a fire, therefore gaining valuable minutes for evacuation and fire protection of the building structure. These doors are made from special materials and must meet strict tests and certifications to ensure their effectiveness. In addition to their functional role, fire doors must also fulfil aesthetic and practical requirements in order to blend in harmoniously with the overall design of a building. A decisive factor for the effectiveness of fire doors is the hardware. High-quality hardware for fire doors ensure that the doors close reliably in an emergency and fulfil their protective function. HEWI provides stylish design variety with its range of hardware for fire doors.

Security concepts for buildings: Efficient security solutions for windows

Windows are potential weak points in building security and therefore require special security solutions. By using modern technologies and materials on windows, you can make a positive contribution to security in the building. 

Must-haves for a successful window security concept: Burglary protection and glazing

Securing windows is a central aspect of modern security concepts for buildings. Burglar-resistant glazing and window frames offer effective protection. These windows are made of security glass, which is more resistant to breakage, and can be fitted with additional security locks. The window solutions make a significant contribution to preventing unauthorised persons from gaining access and increasing security in the building.

For a successful security concept, place your trust in lockable windows 

Lockable windows are an essential component of modern security concepts for buildings. They offer additional protection against unauthorised access and significantly increase security in the building. The locking system makes break-in attempts more difficult. In addition, lockable windows also offer security benefits for families with children, as they prevent children from opening windows on their own. Reliable and durable hardware ensures that the windows remain secure for many years to come. With lockable hardware for windows, which fulfil the highest security standards and at the same time impress with their elegant aesthetics, this can be optimally implemented.

In addition, window monitoring systems offer increased security in the building. They use sensors to detect the unauthorised opening or tampering of windows and trigger an alarm. 

Hardware with tilt-before-turn function provide security 

Hardware with a tilt-before-turn function offer an innovative solution to improve window operation and security. This hardware make it possible to tilt the window first and then open it fully, which provides additional protection. This function prevents unintentional opening of windows, which significantly increases security in the building, especially in households with children.

Safety solutions for sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities require special attention to ensure both hygiene and the safety of users. Various innovative approaches and technologies help to make these spaces safe and user-friendly, thereby improving safety in the building.

In addition to hygiene and aesthetics, the materials used also play a crucial role. Materials that are easy to clean and resistant to vandalism contribute significantly to the security and longevity of sanitary facilities. In addition, non-slip floor coverings and ergonomically designed facilities can minimise the risk of accidents and increase user-friendliness.



Touchless taps are widely used in modern sanitary facilities. Their positive properties contribute to the optimal implementation of safety concepts in buildings.  On the one hand, they improve hygiene by reducing contact with surfaces, thereby increasing protection against diseases. The sensor-controlled fittings from HEWI also have an attractive appearance and robust properties and actively counteract vandalism. They also help to protect against scalding with a preset water temperature.

Emergency call systems and accessibility offer safety for everyone in the building

Sanitary facilities should be equipped with emergency call systems to enable rapid assistance in an emergency. These systems ensure that assistance can be called immediately in the event of a fall or sudden health impairment. Barrier-free design elements, such as grab bars, are also essential to guarantee safety and accessibility for all users. Grab bars provide a stable hold and support, especially for older people and people with limited mobility. Another plus point of the comfort elements: They not only offer support and comfort, but also cut a great figure in a modern design. Well thought-out planning and equipping of the sanitary facilities not only promotes safety in the building, but also the well-being of the users.

Safety in the building thanks to suitable equipment - dispenser systems with locks 

Dispensers with locking devices are a key component of modern safety concepts for buildings, especially in sanitary facilities. These systems, which include paper towel dispensers, disinfectant dispensers and soap dispensers, offer more than just hygiene - they protect against vandalism and theft by controlling access to consumables. In public and commercial washrooms, dispensers with locks help to ensure the security of the facilities by ensuring that only authorised persons have access to the contents. This not only prevents misuse, but also reduces maintenance work and the associated costs. HEWI offers dispensers with latches that have been specially developed to fulfil these security requirements and therefore ensure a higher level of protection and reliability in any sanitary environment - and with an elegant appearance.

Read this article to find out how to protect public sanitary facilities from vandalism.



A well thought-out security concept for buildings that combines modern security technology and attractive design is essential for the protection of people and property. The integration of security solutions for doors, windows and sanitary facilities ensures that the buildings are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. Innovative technologies and materials make it possible to integrate security measures seamlessly into the building design and thus maintain a balance between security and aesthetics. Innovative product solutions also contribute to improved security in buildings.

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