Public WC equipped with HEWI soap and paper towel dispensers in matt stainless steel

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Hygiene in the washroom

Hygiene is becoming increasingly important in washrooms. Especially in heavily frequented sanitary rooms of public buildings, the requirements for hygiene are increasing.We show you clever solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in washrooms with high public traffic.

A comprehensive study by scientists from the University of Westminster recently showed that replacing hand drying blowers with paper towel dispensers significantly improves hygiene in washrooms.

The new HEWI dispenser systems in the sanitary area enable hygiene in public and semi-public areas to be increased and at the same time meet the highest standards of design and functionality. 

Manual dispenser products

Design and function: aesthetic dispenser systems promote hygiene in public washrooms

More hygiene through non-contact dispensing products

With waste bins, hygiene combinations and dispenser systems in various sizes, we offer you a consistent and functional range of sanitary products.

Through different materials and surfaces, our solutions for the public sanitary room open up new aesthetic design possibilities for you as an architect and planner.

The HEWI range from dispenser systems includes versions made of polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, models with powder coating in black, grey tones and white as well as stainless steel variants. 

Touchless disinfectant dispensers increase hygiene

A plus in hygiene is offered by a selection of electronically controlled Segg and disinfectant dispensers as well as paper towel dispensers.

The Sensoric versions enable visitors, guests and customers to use the dispenser products for hygienic hand disinfection without contact. 

Touchless soap dispenser with angular design in matt black stainless steel

Touchlessly operated disinfectant dispensers enable hygienic hand disinfection

Paper towel dispenser and waste bin with angular design in matt black stainless steel

Study found: Compared to hand drying blowers, paper towel dispensers are more hygienic

Paper towel dispensers increase hygiene in the washroom

The study of the English scientists makes clear that the use of paper towel dispensers leads to a significant reduction of the bacterial and virus load in sanitary rooms in comparison with warm air dryers and jet air dryers.

For the results of the study in detail here.

HEWI paper towel dispensers increase hygiene in washrooms in offices, educational establishments or public areas in hotels when hand drying fans are replaced. 

Public washing area

Even more solutions for optimum hygiene in public sanitary rooms

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