HEWI presents seating made of recycled material

Design, aesthetics and plastics from a different context: The Re-seat family developed by HEWI is made of post-industrial recyclate (PIR) and is a statement for best eco-design.

The Re-seat family is just as resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants as the stool family. No compromises are made in terms of hygiene.

Photo: HEWI

Recycled furniture is in vogue - and HEWI has taken it one step further: The expert for accessible sanitary solutions produces its new Re-seat family from post-industrial recyclate (PIR), which is partly sourced from the company itself and a regionally based supplier. The post-industrial recyclate is subject to the highest quality standards, ensuring the same high quality that customers associate with HEWI. The new seat family is an example of how the company's innovative use of materials can lead to both excellent results and sustainability. Consisting of three stools and two bathroom chairs in natural forest green and dark granite grey, the Re-seat family offers a compelling tactile and visual appeal thanks to its vibrant and unusual "look & feel". 

The material is a mixture of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide.

Photo: HEWI

While recycled furniture was a niche product for a long time, the aspect of sustainability is currently bringing it more into focus. Today, economic feasibility, social compatibility and ecological necessity are determining factors for outstanding product design. At HEWI, pressing environmental issues have always been deeply rooted in the company, resulting in the high-quality, sustainable design and production of the new Re-seat family in forest green and dark granite grey.  

Photo: HEWI

Vibrant and unique: The charm of recycled plastic

Re - the syllable forms the product name and also stands for Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. The “reuse” aspect of the new seat family is particularly noteworthy: Part of the recyclate - a high-quality post-industrial recyclate (PIR) - for the seats, backrests and armrests of the new stools and bathroom chairs comes from HEWI itself as well as from a company that is also based in Bad Arolsen. Within this context, it is important for HEWI to strengthen regional supply chains, achieve meaningful results across companies and cooperate with local partners. “We have always been concerned with producing and processing plastics in an environmentally friendly way. Working in cooperation with other companies helps to broaden one's own horizons and to save resources in the joint development of solutions on an even broader level," says Thorsten Stute, Managing Director of HEWI. 

For HEWI, the charm lies in the fact that the recycled stools, made from a mixture of materials including recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide, not only help to reduce plastic waste but also that each seat and armrest is unique. The slightly mottled surfaces with their unique patterns and translucent dots of colour have a vibrant and distinctive appeal.

In the spirit of short supply chains, HEWI also decided to source the attractive stool frames in round tube design from a supplier in Hesse.

Photo: HEWI

As part of sustainable development, HEWI also emphasises the aspects of functionality, safety and timelessness. The company has a reputation for products and systems that function perfectly over several decades and impress both in terms of the look and feel of the product. For example, door handles and sanitary products from HEWI retain their aesthetic appeal and “freshness” even after a long period of use.

Re-seat family can be integrated harmoniously into interiors with existing HEWI products - this is also important in sustainable product development and is rooted in the company's design and system expertise that spans all product ranges . The innovative, environmentally friendly approach to development does not mean a departure from the product range but rather a logical and forward-looking expansion.

Photo: HEWI

Functional, stylish and sustainable

Re's design is based on the tried-and-tested HEWI 950 stool. The intricate frame with its round tube design combines solid stability with a visual and physical lightness. Two bathroom chairs with backrests, one model with armrests and two stools comprise the Re-series, which features integrated solutions with universal design in mind: The towel rail also provides the ability to support oneself and to hold on to something. The small stool is particularly practical in narrow bathrooms. Slip-resistant foot plugs provide reliable grip even in a wet shower. These are essential for physically impaired people who are not steady on their feet, especially in wet areas. The ergonomically shaped recycled seat surfaces of the stools, which adapt to the shape of the body and ensure a secure sitting position, also provide a sense of stability.

The stools can withstand loads up to 150 kg and are suitable for use in the shower. They are mobile and can be used wherever they are needed.

Photo: HEWI

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