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System supplier HEWI equips the Cocoon Hotel in Salzburg with minimalist lever handles and barrier-free sanitary solutions.

The new Cocoon in a prime location right next to Salzburg's main railway station is the first location for the fine lifestyle hotels outside Germany. Design office Dreimeta from Augsburg developed a contemporary urban hotel over seven floors with 119 rooms and an open lobby concept for the former office building. The new design line "Cocoon Next" will be implemented in Salzburg and at the same time in the Munich Flagship Hotel at Sendlinger Tor. The Cocoon Salzburg also features the timeless and minimalist lever handle system 162 from HEWI in elegant matt black. The creative team at Dreimeta also chose aesthetic, functional, robust and also easily combinable systems from HEWI for the barrier-free fit-out of the bathrooms in the hotel rooms.

Photo: Philipp Maier

"Cocoon Next" stands for the new generation of the established hotel brand, which was founded 15 years ago in Munich by Johannes Eckelmann. He was one of the first to occupy the niche of budget designer hotels at the time. Cocoon represents individual lifestyle hotels in the heart of a city. Conceptually, with the new house in Salzburg and the redesign of the original Cocoon in Munich, there is a return to the meaning of the term "cocoon". For example, each hotel has a butterfly as its emblem. The insect and its metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly influences the concept, colour palette and story of the hotels. "From the mysterious caterpillar and pupation in the Ruhepol Room to the sociable butterfly, travellers go through different inspirations and energies during their stay at the new Cocoon Hotels," explains Lisa Burger, Development Manager at Cocoon.

Photo: Philipp Maier

Holistic interior with persuasive details

Augsburg creative studio Dreimeta has translated the story of the caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly into a constructed space. This interdisciplinary design office’s credo is: Emotionalising the space – interior design that tells stories and touches the senses. Dreimeta designed the lobby as a lively, inviting urban space that welcomes guests with large-scale floral motifs and bold colours. As a retreat, on the other hand, the hotel rooms have been designed with more muted, earthy tones, exuding a homely charm with wicker furniture and lighting.

Black accessories such as bed lamps or cloakroom rails complement the interior in the rooms of the Cocoon.  To match, Dreimeta selected the timeless and minimalist lever handle System 162 from HEWI in elegant matt black. "HEWI's solutions are simple and functional and always complement our interior design concepts very well without putting themselves in the foreground," says Andrea Kraft-Hammerschall, interior designer and CEO of the Dreimeta office.

In the matt edition, the HEWI Series 162 with its characteristic look impresses with a particularly elegant surface that is beautiful to the touch and radiates quality. The velvety finish is achieved through a special finishing process in which the polyamide products are individually hand-blasted with glass beads. The mini variant chosen for Cocoon looks particularly elegant with the combined down-sized escutcheon.

Photo: Philipp Maier

With universal design in mind

In addition to the lever handles, HEWI systems are also used in the barrier-free bathrooms in Cocoon Salzburg. HEWI has been regarded as a specialist for barrier-free solutions for decades and always develops new products according to the requirements of universal design. In the Cocoon bathrooms, solutions such as the hinged support rail and the particularly light suspended shower seat from System 900 help physically impaired hotel guests to use the shower more easily. What all HEWI systems for barrier-free bathrooms have in common is that they impress with their functionality, high quality and hygienic, easy-care design.

"Our goal is design that is both aesthetic and standard-compliant, and barrier-free without compromise," emphasises Antonia Wileschek, Product Manager Design at HEWI. In addition, Dreimeta selected the curtain rail with ceiling support from the HEWI classic design series 477/801 for the Cocoon hotel. The shower handrail with shower head rail comes from the 805 series, which, like the 477/801 series, is based on the round tubular design. "With HEWI products, the barrier-free rooms and bathrooms can be designed just as aesthetically and homely as the other areas," emphasises interior designer Andrea Kraft-Hammerschall.

Photo: Philipp Maier

Photo: Philipp Maier

Photo: Philipp Maier

Facts and figures

Project: Cocoon Hotel Salzburg
Location: Rainerstraße 29, 5020 Salzburg (AT).
Builder: Eckelmann Service GmbH, Grünwald,
Design concept/interior architecture:
DREIMETA GmbH & Co. KG, Augsburg,
Architecture/conversion: A.C.C. Ziviltechniker GmbH, Vienna (AT),
Completion: June 2022
Photos: Philipp Maier,


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