Elegance with a comfort factor

Range 801 from HEWI, the classic among barrier-free sanitary products, is also available in the WARM TOUCH edition as a warm-to-the-touch alternative to chrome products.

Nobody likes to hold on to cold support rails, especially not in the bathroom or in an accessible toilet. People with a heightened sensitivity to cold in particular find it unpleasant to touch cold surfaces. That's why HEWI, the pioneer of barrier-free sanitary equipment, has gone one step further and given the products in its design classic, the 801 range, an elegant chrome look – with a pleasantly temperate surface. The name WARM TOUCH therefore says it all, as the support rails and the shower and bath handrails have the warm, tactile properties of polyamide and, thanks to the special coating, the elegant look of a chrome surface: elegance with the comfort factor.

Recommended for professional nursing care, home and hotel applications, range 801 in the WARM TOUCH edition combines function and elegance in equal measure: the pleasantly warm grip comfort of polyamide with the high-gloss chrome-look coating.

Photo: HEWI

With the comprehensive System 801, HEWI set the decisive milestone in sanitary equipment over 50 years ago. At the time, it was the very first barrier-free equipment range in the sanitary sector and still offers accessible sanitary equipment at the highest level: durable, functional and aesthetic. HEWI has both users and carers in mind when developing and further developing the coating and colour selection based on the universal design, which is geared towards meeting the needs of all people. People with limited mobility in particular gain more security in their everyday lives thanks to the supportive grip systems in an ergonomic round tube design for washbasins, WCs and showers.

The round tubular design of WARM TOUCH enables symmetrical gripping, and its ergonomic shape ensures greater safety in the bathroom. With its warm surface, the WARM TOUCH edition also creates cosiness and reduces potential stress factors.

Photo: HEWI

People with increased sensitivity to cold feel more comfortable and safer when they touch warm surfaces. In this way, WARM TOUCH edition support rails reduce potential stress factors.

Photo: HEWI

Pleasantly warm, elegant and easy to care for 

The high-quality chrome-look coating of the WARM TOUCH edition not only gives the polyamide products in the 801 range their elegant appearance, it also makes them particularly resistant, hard-wearing and easy to clean. These are factors that are of great importance in professional nursing care, the hotel industry and also at home. But the comfort factor is just as important, because people with rheumatic diseases, for example, benefit immensely from the pleasantly warm feel.

The high-gloss chrome-look surfaces of the WARM TOUCH ranges are a perfect match for HEWI chrome sanitary accessories.

WARM TOUCH is easy to clean, robust and durable. In addition to their elegant appearance, HEWI's chrome-optic coating process makes the products in the WARM TOUCH edition particularly hard-wearing. This is particularly important in damp rooms, as the surfaces are exposed to high humidity.

Photo: HEWI

WARM TOUCH is a haptically pleasant alternative to chrome products and can be perfectly complemented with HEWI chrome sanitary accessories.

Photo: HEWI

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has developed into a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories, and accessible products. Over the past 90 years, the company has grown to become a leader in in the field of accessibility and a recognised expert in system design. In line with Universal Design, the focus for HEWI is on people’s individual needs.

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