Design, Material and Quality

Intelligent functions and consistent design are unified at HEWI. Award-winning design, with high quality and well-thought through functions characterise the HEWI sanitary systems and ranges. Comfort and convenience aspects and accessibility products are integrated in each HEWI sanitary system, so that intergenerational use is possible.

System Solutions

For Private and Public Buldings as well as for Institutional Care

The modularity of HEWI sanitary systems makes them suitable for both private and public buildings as well as for institutional care facilities. A comprehensive product range ensures custom-fit solutions, precisely orientated to the area of use.

The bathroom has developed into a central, very personal room in the home. Clever planning enables the bathroom to be developed for all eventualities – whether it is an environment

suitable for children, comfort and safety, temporary handicaps or support for older generations. Creating feel good bathrooms for people of every age – that is the fundamental idea of the intergenerational HEWI system solutions.


Highly frequented, publicly accessible sanitary rooms set particularly high requirements for the products used. HEWI sanitary systems are made to universal design criteria and are therefore intuitively operable and can be used regardless of individual capabilities.

They are also characterised by easy handling. For example, integrated level indicators are integrated in the dispenser systems, which facilitate stocking of consumables such as soap or paper towels.


Whether it is a hospital, a rehab clinic or a retirement home, on the one hand a well designed institutional care facility helps all patients and their visitors to feel comfortable and on the other, with the help of well thought-through fitout concepts the personnel's work processes are assisted.

HEWI offers adaptable, extendable and flexibly usable products, which promote the independence and mobility of the users. Functionality, easy care and robustness assist the care personnel in their daily work.