Bathroom trend: This is what a modern bathroom will look like in 2024

Discover the ground-breaking bathroom trends for 2024 and be inspired by innovative accessible sanitary solutions. From sustainable materials to versatile colour palettes, learn how to integrate contemporary designs into your projects: 

  1. Sustainable bathroom 
  2. Trend Colour Bathroom 2024
  3. Personal care aids: Preferably mobile 
  4. Modern bathroom furniture: Geometric shapes are in vogue 

Sustainable bathroom: The Bathroom Trend 2024

In 2024, the sustainable bathroom will be the focus of the current bathroom trend. Sustainability refers not only to saving water but also to using environmentally friendly materials. Recycled glass, bamboo, and reusable wood are all excellent options. Likewise, high-quality plastics offer a durable and easy-care alternative. HEWI uses recycled plastic in the new Re seat family, which consists of a mixture of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide. In this way, HEWI reduces plastic waste and creates unique, vibrant surfaces.


Trend Colour Bathroom 2024: Stylish colour nuances in focus

In the coming year, we will experience an exciting variety of colours that will profoundly shape the current bathroom trend. A combination of:

  • calming pastel nuances
  • earthy tones
  • and vibrant colour accents

This palette offers a wealth of possibilities for creating a relaxed atmosphere and making the bathroom a real place of well-being.

Whether it’s trendy colours or the personal favourites of your customers, the accessible System 900 from HEWI offers the right shade for every furnishing concept with over 4,500 colours. With this variety, unique colour concepts that give the bathroom an individual touch can be developed. True to the motto: Make Your Own Choice – Choose Your Own Colour.

Personal care aids: Comfort and functionality in the bathroom trend

In the current bathroom trend, personal care aids such as shower stools or hinged support rails play a decisive role. They offer not only comfort but also functionality. Mobile aids make it possible to furnish the bathroom in such a way that it meets the individual needs of the user. These products ensure the same functionality as permanently installed aids – and are just as resilient. However, they can be mounted on the wall to save space.

In the HEWI System 900 , for example, you will find a mobile hinged support rail in mono and duo designs. The simple tool-free assembly makes it possible to attach the aids as required and to remove them again if necessary. This aspect makes the accessible bathroom both flexible and adaptable.

Modern bathroom furniture: Geometric shapes are on trend

Geometric shapes, especially the square, characterise the design in Bathroom Trend 2024 and create a clear, contemporary aesthetic. These design principles create a contemporary aesthetic that gives the room a clear structure. The use of straight-lined and purist bathroom furniture greatly supports the organisation and tidiness in the bathroom.

The well thought-out designs also ensure comfortable use. Accessories such as towel holders or soap dispensers of the design variant S 900 Q are both visually appealing and practical. 

You can find more information on what influence the design of products has on the bathroom in this article: Shape design in bathroom planning

Washplace equipped with towel rail and soap dispenser in the colour white matt

Universal design: The needs of users in the accessible bathroom

Accessible bathrooms in the sense of universal design are designed for people with various physical or cognitive disabilities. An accessible bathroom should be comfortable for everyone to use. It is therefore advantageous if it has support rails, shower stools, height-adjustable toilets, accessible washbasins, sufficient storage options, and hinged support rails as well as mobile seating and useful accessories.

Accessible bathroom with a modern design

In 2024, bathroom trends will be all about sustainability a, variety of colours, comfortable aids, and modern designs. The integration of these trends makes it possible to design accessible bathrooms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. After all, making a bathroom barrier-free doesn't mean you have to forgo trendy designs.



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