Where should disinfectant dispensers be placed? - Three example areas

Awareness of the need for hand disinfection has increased significantly over the past year.* It has long since become not only an issue in the field of health care, but also in people's everyday lives. The entrances to shops and supermarkets, at ticket machines, in banks and even in lifts. In this article, we show you where disinfection dispensers make sense and which solutions are available for each respective area.

Entrance halls, reception desks, classrooms or even fashion boutiques - different disinfection dispenser models are needed everywhere for the respective circumstances. Sometimes they stand freely in the room, sometimes on a table and sometimes they’re mounted on a wall. Here we present three different dispenser models and their possible areas of application.

  1. Catering and retail - free-standing models

  2. Small rooms and care - wall models

  3. Entrance areas and lobbies - columns

1. Catering and Retail - Where should disinfection dispensers be placed?

Who hasn't experienced this? Quickly disinfecting your hands in a restaurant, looking for the nearest dispenser after paying at the petrol station or using disinfectant at a reception counter. The areas of application for disinfectant dispensers are versatile. With the floor-standing model from System 900, HEWI offers a purist design that is skilfully restrained but still looks cool. The design line in stainless steel and powder coating with a deep matt surface in white, grey tones or black offers design options and enables an aesthetic implementation of hygiene measures on tables, counters and at a reception desk or counter. The sensor dispenser can be used without contact and dispenses disinfectant as a spray.


A spray enables a pleasant and even distribution on the skin. The mechanism and drip tray are recessed and integrated into the body of the dispenser. It can be also placed wherever it is needed, or if required, can also be firmly screwed to its respective base. The base plate is designed in the corresponding dispenser colour and offers a secure stand and smooth removal. Stand models are also ideal for temporary use. This means their area of use and location can be highly versatile. In the catering industry of example, counters and reception desks are particularly suitable for placing the dispenser conveniently and stylishly. Small tables in the cloakroom area also offer space for hand disinfection. In the retail trade, the fixed installation of the stand model on bar tables and display stands protects against theft and offers hygiene at discreet and convenient locations.

2. Small rooms and lifts - Why should wall-mounted dispensers be installed?

Whether sensor-controlled or manual - wall-mounted models are space-saving, easy to reach and very convenient. They can be attached to walls or pillars at entrances, in front of desks, counters and in lifts.


Due to their mounting flexibility, they can be placed at different heights so they are accessible to all users. The manual dispensers (System 900 and Series 950) have a long operating lever that is easily operated with an elbow which is a hygiene plus.


These dispensers are particularly suitable for nursing staff. Placed in hospital corridors or in patients’ rooms, they enable quick disinfection and easy cleaning of the surface beneath the dispenser. The sensor-controlled alternatives are particularly suitable for (semi-) public and highly frequented areas. Their touch-free use prevents the transmission of germs making them particularly hygienic. The illuminated dispensing area the product being dispensed and allows intuitive use of the dispenser.


Particularly in the care sector, things often have to move quickly and unanchored dispensers or dispensers that need to be moved would make work more difficult. Wall-mounted models offer space and withstand fast movements. For this reason, the purist disinfection dispenser from HEWI could also be installed in and in front of lifts and in other small and confined spaces, where hand disinfection is important.

3. Entrance areas, lobbies - where and how should disinfection dispensers be placed?

The disinfectant dispenser column from HEWI meets the special requirements for these public and highly frequented areas. It offers design options and enables aesthetic implementation of hand disinfection in entrance areas and the lobbies of healthcare buildings, public buildings and the catering and hotel industry. This very stable solution is available in manual and sensor-controlled versions, each with a collection tray that prevents liquid from accumulating on the floor. Due to its mobility, the column provides infection control where you need it. The sensor system detects the hand movement and dispenses a preset amount of disinfectant. Due to this dosage, only the amount actually required is dispensed. This saves resources and prevents dripping and wastage.


Due to its convenient mobility and height, the disinfection dispenser is best placed at the entrance to lobbies. This is where it makes a perfect first impression and enables rapid disinfection.

Mounting HEWI disinfection dispenser models

Overall, the question of the optimum mounting of disinfectant dispensers is crucial. This is why HEWI offers a number of different solutions for the various areas described above, making dispensing as convenient as possible in every situation. Their purist design blends perfectly into existing room concepts or can set accents.


* https://www.br.de/nachrichten/wissen/studie-menschen-waschen-sich-haeufiger-die-haende,SDPI7oT


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