#Hygiene as a task for society


Consider hygiene in building planning

Life without high standards of hygiene is unthinkable. Clean tap water, soap and safe food and disinfectants are part of our everyday life. Hygiene protects against infection and thus saves lives.

The problem is that hygiene cannot be decreed by the state. Every person is responsible for making their own contribution to hygiene.


This is where you as a planner, architect or hygiene manager can start. Because often the human factor is and remains the greatest risk that stands in the way of hygiene.

You have to take hygiene into account during planning in order to make it easier for people to handle in professional and private contexts.


Hygiene standards in planning

But how do you implement safe hygiene concepts with suitable products from the sanitary and building hardware sectors?

In addition to legal regulations - for example in the hospital environment - there are other aspects to consider. The e-book from HEWI shows you possible solutions. The following questions, among others, are answered:

  • What does hygiene mean?
  • Where are possible approaches to optimise hygiene?
  • Which products reduce the risk of infection?

These and other topics are covered in the e-book "#Hygiene as a social task - How you can already take hygiene aspects into account when planning buildings". It highlights the topics of care, public, hotel and education.



Download the e-book now free of charge and learn more about hygiene - with a focus on the care, hotel, public and education sectors.

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