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WARM TOUCH: Innovative sanitary solutions for care facilities

Care facilities face the challenge of creating hygienic and functional sanitary facilities that also ensure the comfort of residents, who are often sensitive to cold and need targeted measures and innovative products in order to feel comfortable and safe. In this article, we present what these are.

Rheumatism and high humidity: Consider the special features of the care facility architecture

When planning care facilities, it is crucial to understand the influence of indoor humidity on the well-being of residents. Many senior citizens suffer from rheumatism. They often have difficulty regulating their body temperature as part of this condition. High levels of humidity can affect heat dissipation, which can lead to a feeling of heaviness and discomfort.

Architects can regulate humidity levels in bathrooms through effective ventilation systems and the integration of timers. A well thought-out floor plan and consideration of natural ventilation options such as windows also contribute to optimum regulation. In addition, the selection of moisture-resistant materials for floor coverings, wall panelling and other building materials is crucial.

Aids for senior citizens in the bathroom: Innovative material for protection against the cold

In addition to the materials used, the products also play a major role in everyday use. This is because, in addition to the high humidity, rheumatism patients suffer particularly from contact with cold objects. Sensitivity to cold poses a significant challenge, as it can cause not only discomfort but also additional pain. As the people affected are often unsteady on their feet and have to rely on aids such as hinged support rails, grab rails or shower handrails, products with warm haptic properties are essential to ensure not only the physical but also the emotional comfort of these people.

WARM TOUCH Cold protection in bathroom planning

The innovative sanitary products in the WARM TOUCH series from HEWI offer a solution in this respect. It combines high-gloss chrome surfaces with the warm tactile properties of polyamide. Chrome has the property of absorbing the ambient temperature, while polyamide has a heat-insulating effect. This combination creates a surface that feels pleasantly warm, especially in contact with the skin. The pleasant feel therefore also provides effective protection against the cold.

The products from the design classic, Series 801, have also recently become available in WARM TOUCH. The high-quality chrome-look coating from WARM TOUCH not only gives the polyamide products in the 801 series a sophisticated appearance, it also makes them particularly resistant, hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The combination of chrome and polyamide ensures that the surface does not become cold and unpleasant, as can be the case with pure chrome surfaces. Instead, WARM TOUCH offers a type of insulation that helps to retain natural body heat and provides a warm feeling to the touch. This is particularly beneficial for people who are sensitive to cold, such as the elderly and rheumatism patients, and helps to maximise the comfort and user-friendliness of sanitary products in bathrooms.

The integration of WARM TOUCH grab rails and shower handrails in the bathrooms of care facilities helps to sustainably improve the well-being of residents. You can find the entire product range here.

New: Supporting handrail systems in round tube design for washbasin, WC and shower from Series 801 now also with WARM TOUCH.

The future of care-facility architecture: Convenient and barrier-free solutions

The further development of care-facility architecture requires an integrative approach that prioritises comfort, safety and accessibility for all residents. The needs of people with rheumatism, who are sensitive to cold, are a particular focus. 

The integration of advanced cold protection solutions in barrier-free care facilities is therefore becoming a crucial element. A clever combination of innovative design and suitable materials not only creates warm and accessible spaces, but also sustainably improves the quality of life of the residents.



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