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The accessible washbasin: 6 innovative accessible sanitary solutions

The washbasin is of course, an essential element in every sanitary room. In the accessible sanitary room, however, there are special characteristics that it and the washbasin must fulfil. Here are 6 innovative sanitary solutions at the washbasin that meet the requirements for an accessible washbasin area.

The challenges of an accessible washbasin

In the first part of our series "Innovative accessible sanitary solutions", we looked at the shower and presented innovative products that make the accessible shower experience even more comfortable. In this article we focus on the design of an accessible washbasin. Find out more about HEWI products in the washbasin area. No matter which washbasin model it is. Here are 6 sanitary solutions for an accessible washbasin area

  1. HEWI fittings

  2. HEWI accessible mirrors

  3. HEWI shelves

  4. HEWI side trolleys

  5. HEWI dispenser products

  6. HEWI towel rails

1. HEWI mixers - Outstanding ease of use at accessible washbasins

High-quality mixers dispense water and are characterised by ease of use so that everyone can use them. With their various designs, HEWI mixers meet the individual requirements of users and, with their system design, fit easily into any room concept.

HEWI fittings are designed for performance and heavy use. This means they not only fit perfectly in private rooms, but can also withstand high frequency use in public sanitary rooms. Above all, their exceptional ease of use, easy cleaning and ease of maintenance make them so pleasing to use. DVGW certification and compliance with DIN 15091 ensure that HEWI fittings always meet the highest quality standards. This meets and exceeds the most demanding requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and functionality by an independent testing institute. The WELL efficiency label also shows how resource-efficient the system fittings are.

These fittings have been developed according to the most rigorous aspects of accessible design. Together with the washbasins, they form a coherently accessible functional unit. Large radii prevent edges that could be damaging. HEWI mixers are intuitive to operate. Whether by means of clear, easily perceived hot/cold markings or a high-contrast highlighted operating lever, or by means of hands-free sensor triggering, the operation of which requires no effort.

The single-lever washbasin mixers are equipped with an open lever. This allows operation with just one finger and makes them easy to use for people with motor impairments. HEWI offers a selection of child-friendly mixer especially for small users. 

AQ 800 K

AQ 950


2. HEWI accessible mirrors - solutions for every user

Bathroom mirrors are indispensable in sanitary rooms. They have long since ceased to serve merely to reflect the mirror image; they have progressed to take on lighting, magnification and comfort functions. This is why HEWI also offers accessible versions that meet the individual needs of users. As well as the classic tilting mirror, HEWI's range of accessible mirrors also includes full-length bathroom mirrors, which extend to the top edge of the bed.

This continuous accessible mirror solution is suitable for those both standing and seated. The range includes wide and narrow models that even fit into small bathrooms or bathrooms with sloping roofs.

The HEWI accessible tilting mirror is also available in various versions. A particular feature of this innovative accessible solution is the built-in cable and the turning handle allowing the mirror to be tilted by up to 28°, so that it functions in both standing and sitting positions. The HEWI tilting mirror is available in an unlit version and in two LED versions. The LED basic version has long-life LEDs neutral white light. The LED plus version,  on the other hand, means the user can flexibly adjust the light temperature and intensity on the mirror. Control is via a power- and battery-free Bluetooth wireless wall switch, which the user can remove and conveniently place anywhere. This is the kind of HEWI thinking that enables accessible positioning at the washbasin being geared to the individual needs of the end user.

The demands on bathroom mirrors are high: warm, humid climates and different, individual settings pose a particular challenge for mirrors. Another reason HEWI relies on the highest quality made in Germany. We only use high-quality materials for tall of our he models, such as selected float glass or precious crystal glass, so that our products can be enjoyed for a long time.

White tilting mirror

LED tilting mirror basic

Mirror with rear-lacquered edge

3. HEWI shelves - storage space at the accessible washbasin

Shelves offer storage space at the washbasin and room for bathroom utensils such as a soap dispenser, tumbler and other personal items. With the modular washbasin from HEWI, movable shelves can be attached, moved and removed at any time. This allows them to be adapted to the individual needs of the user without any additional drill holes being required.

The storage system for the modular washbasin contains six variants in two sizes that can be hooked into the profile of the modular washbasins according to individual requirements. The hooks can be inserted into the side of the profiles fitted beneath the washbasin. Towels or items of clothing have a place here within immediate and easy reach. Soap dispensers, cups and the like can be positioned anywhere on the shelves.

For accessible washbasins without the modular system, HEWI offers various shelves which can be individually positionable. They are available in a range of different colours and sizes - With grab rail and without. This means they can be precisely positioned in any accessible bathroom.

4. HEWI side trolley - a mobile shelf

The HEWI additional trolley ideally complements the shelves mentioned above, in a washbasin area. It can be conveniently pushed to where it’s needed and offers flexible, convenient storage space. Bathroom utensils that are less frequently used can be stored in it and used when needed. The lockable wheels ensure a safe and firm stand. The trolley is available with powder-coated surfaces in high-gloss white or matt black with elegant chrome elements. In terms of design and function, the HEWI side trolley is an innovative washroom solution that fits perfectly into the accessible washbasin area.

5. HEWI dispenser systems - hygiene at the accessible washbasin

HEWI dispenser systems meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. Both manually operated versions and a selection of electronically controlled, hands-free dispensers are available. The wide range of materials for the dispenser systems offers a range of design options. That includes versions made of polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, models with powder coating in black, grey tones and white, as well as stainless steel variants.

HEWI soap dispenser and disinfectant dispenser can be used in all accessible sanitary rooms. The System 800K soap dispensers are particularly suitable for accessible washbasin areas in the care sector. They are designed in a contrasting colour which mean they can be more easily recognised by people with visual impairments. The contrasting colour here refers to the push-button for dispensing soap. Its slightly roughened surface also makes the functional element tactile.

The sensory soap dispensers and disinfectant dispensers, such as the dispenser from the System 900, ensure more hygiene in the sanitary room thanks to their hands-free operability. A built-in cylinder lock makes the dispenser theft-proof and the soap or disinfectant cannot be stolen. The dispenser is permanently installed on a wall.

HEWI paper towel dispensers are also permanently installed on a wall. In combination with HEWI waste containers, they are an excellent option for hygienic hand washing in shared sanitary rooms. These innovative accessible sanitary solutions are characterised by their robustness and an integrated lock latch, which provides protection against misuse. In total, HEWI offers a consistent, functional range of dispenser products characterised by the highest design standards.

Paper towel dispenser

Soap dispenser

6. HEWI towel rail - Convenience at the accessible washbasin

HEWI towel rails are ideal for accessible bathrooms in private buildings

With a range of different designs and colours, they fit perfectly into existing room concepts. The holders that can optionally be ordered with HEWI active+, which stops the spread of bacteria with their antimicrobial micro-silver, ensure additional extra hygiene. HEWI towel rails can be individually positioned at any height which means they will fit perfectly into an accessible bathroom.

Innovative HEWI solutions for the accessible washbasin

To be truly innovative, accessible sanitary solutions at the washbasin must also be functional, easily accessible and yet individually positionable. HEWI is continuously developing new products that can be specially adapted to the user's needs. Whether fittings, accessible mirrors, shelves, side trolleys, towel rails or dispenser products - HEWI has the right accessible solutions for the washbasin area for every accessible sanitary room. 



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