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HEWI SENSORIC: Extra hygiene thanks to hands-free solutions

Hygiene is particularly important in highly frequented sanitary areas. People touch taps, towels and disinfectant dispensers with possibly contaminated hands several times a day leaving germs behind. The risk of infection is greater because hands are one of the most frequent sources of disease transmission. Hands-free solutions from HEWI ensure greater hygiene in heavily frequented application areas.

How planners, architects and sanitary fitters equip sanitary rooms is changing. Trends and new standards have a significant influence on this. Hygiene in public sanitary rooms - for example in public buildings or schools - remains a high priority. Even if cleaning cycles are observed, products such as disinfectant dispensers or fittings, are a source of infection. To reduce the risk of infection, non-contact solutions are an attractive option.

Hands-free hygiene thanks to HEWI SENSORIC fittings

Our HEWI SENSORIC fittings are exceptionally well suited for use in public washrooms. They are designed for performance and can withstand heavy use. They are characterised by the following features:

  • HEWI fittings offer a high level of operating convenience, easy cleaning, hygienic design, safe use and ease of maintenance.
  • Thanks to their hands-free functions, they offer enhanced safety against infections in highly frequented sanitary rooms.
  • A simple hand movement is all that’s needed to trigger them.
  • The water flow stops automatically after a set time interval.
  • Regular automatic hygiene flushes ensure no germs remain inside the fittings. With the help of the HEWI app, for example, these can be set and carried out at the same time for all installed fittings. This function also improves hygiene and reduces cleaning effort.
  • The HEWI mini thermostat ensures that the outlet temperature is limited. The water flow stops as soon as the cold water supply fails, so that users cannot scald themselves.
  • The installation of the HEWI SENSORIC fittings is extremely simple: pre-assembled components and clear markings make it easy. The 450 mm long connection hoses from Neoperls are made of stainless steel mesh and have coloured, interwoven threads to mark the hot or cold hoses.

The HEWI SENSORIC fittings are available in matt polished stainless steel look, high-quality chrome-plated and in black powder-coated. Thanks to their range of design options, HEWI SENSORIC fittings blend harmoniously into any sanitary room or deliberately set accents.

HEWI SENSORIC soap dispensers for added hygiene

Our HEWI SENSORIC soap dispensers also function according to the same, hands-free principle. This means they represent a further important component in ensuring hygiene in public sanitary rooms. The soap dispensers are characterised by the following advantages:

  • The HEWI SENSORIC soap or disinfectant dispensers are made of high-quality plastic, stainless steel or powder coating.
  • HEWI dispenser systems are easy to clean, which also has a positive influence on hygiene.
  • The dispensers are designed in such a way that the help to dose and save consumables.

Especially in combination with our paper towel dispensers and waste containers hygienic hand washing is ensured.

Touch-free hand disinfection - using the HEWI disinfection dispenser column

An additional way of ensuring hygiene is disinfection dispensers columns. These can be located directly in the entrance area of public buildings. Thanks to their appearance, HEWI disinfection dispensers are a design highlight in any entrance area. The columns are available in stainless steel and powder coating with a deep matt surface in white, grey tones and black. The mechanism and drip tray are integrated into the column body. The base is reinforced ensuring the column is absolutely stable. Another variant is intended for use on counters - the HEWI SENSORIC disinfectant dispenser floor model. This can be screwed to a counter or table so they are protected against theft. Wall-mounted models are also available from HEWI in both the disinfectant dispenser and electronic foam soap dispenser versions.


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