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Barrier-free WC: 4 Innovative sanitary solutions

On average, we visit the toilet area about six times a day. It is a highly frequented area that should be given a great deal of importance when planning a sanitary room. In barrier-free sanitary rooms in particular, care must be taken to ensure the highest level of comfort for every user. We show you 4 innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions at the WC that meet the requirements for a barrier-free WC area.

The challenge of a barrier-free WC

The first two parts of our series "Innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions" dealt with the equipment of a barrier-free shower and the washstand in sanitary rooms. This article is specifically about the WC. Here you will find 4 innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions for the WC.

  1. HEWI Height-adjustable WC

  2. HEWI Folding support handles

  3. HEWI WC accessories

  4. HEWI back supports

1. HEWI Height-adjustable WC - Comfort for the barrier-free WC

In a barrier-free sanitary room used by different people, a barrier-free sanitary solution such as a height-adjustable WC module offers particular comfort. It can be continuously adjusted to the desired height at the touch of a button using a radio remote control. The WC module is optionally available with a white or gray Plexiglas® front from Evonik. The high-gloss, non-porous surface is particularly easy to clean. If required, a support handle can also be installed on the module. 

2. HEWI folding support rails - Secure hold on the barrier-free WC

Folding support rails provide support for people with limited strength and mobility. They increase safety in all areas of the barrier-free bathroom - especially at the WC. An ergonomically designed, flat grip level enables a secure hold. Due to their dimensions, HEWI folding support rails can be optimally gripped so that it is easy to support oneself or pull oneself up. They can be supplemented with comfort elements, such as an upgrade kit for a Toilet roll holder or an Arm pad ffor particularly comfortable support. Folding support handles can be folded up against the wall to save space. Fixed support handles are also available. The Duo folding support rail valso has a round lower rail, which provides optimum support when turning sideways onto the toilet.If required, the Duo folding support rails can be supplemented with a Floor support.

HEWI folding support rails are available in high-quality polyamide, as a WARM TOUCH version, with a high-gloss chrome finish, in easy-care stainless steel or with a powder coating. This means that HEWI folding support handles can be selected to match the sanitary accessories. They are available in different lengths so that they meet the country-specific requirements for barrier-free building.

The folding support rail from System 900 underlines the depth of the HEWI range. It is available in various configurations - from the minimalist mono folding support rail to the fully equipped duo folding support rail with WC paper holder and radio-controlled WC flush release. The System 900 folding support rails have a maintenance-free brake. This dampens the lowering of the folding support rail. The handle can be moved up and down with little effort. If the angle is greater than 45 °, the folding support rail remains in any position and can be lowered or folded towards the wall with little force. Above an angle of 45 °, the bar lowers smoothly automatically. The bearing of the joint is wear-free, maintenance-free and backlash-free and guarantees easy running of the folding support rail. A defined stop prevents the folding support rail from hitting the wall. The folding support handles are designed to provide extreme stability. Additional stiffening increases safety and provides reliable support.

The System 900 folding support rails are also available as mobile solutions, which showcase HEWI's innovative fixing techniques. The mobile solutions are innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions that are particularly easy to install and just as easy to remove. Thanks to tool-free installation, they can be fitted in just a few simple steps if required. To do this, the folding support rail is snapped into a permanently installed mounting plate and secured with a fastening screw. If the folding support rail is no longer required, the folding support rail can be easily removed by loosening the screw. The mounting plate is finally concealed behind a discreet cover.

3. HEWI WC accessories - Clever functions

Useful sanitary accessories in the WC area are also indispensable in barrier-free sanitary areas. HEWI's product range for the WC area includes paper roll holdersWC brush sets and waste bins in various colours and sizes, so that they can be used in both public and private rooms.

The accessories from the HEWI LifeSystem are ideal for professional care. They are particularly user-friendly - especially for people with limited mobility. The WC brush set has an extended, ergonomically shaped handle and is therefore easier to grip. The conical shape of the toilet brush bowl allows the toilet brush to be centred automatically. Hygiene is enhanced by an internal reservoir for disinfectant. In addition, the brush head can be replaced quickly and easily.

Accessories from the HEWI active+ range ensure extra hygiene in barrier-free sanitary rooms. Due to the antimicrobial effect of HEWI active+ products, the number of germs on the product surface is significantly reduced. This significantly reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens and effectively supports hygiene. The HEWI active+ waste bin with hinged lid and cylindrical shape is removable from the wall and can be opened by applying light pressure with the knee against the bin. In this way it prevents contact with the hand and transmission paths are stopped.

4. HEWI back support - Comfortable seat on the barrier-free WC

Another innovative barrier-free sanitary solution at the WC is the back support. It is used to support the back on the WC and thus enables a comfortable seat on the WC. In conjunction with the folding support handles, it provides support and safety. The back support also makes it easier to stand up. HEWI back supports are available with an upholstered and with an unupholstered backrest. Depending on the model, they can be attached to pre-installed folding support handles, wall support handles or directly to the wall.

Innovative HEWI sanitary solutions at the barrier-free WC

Innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions at the WC are subject to daily demands as they are intended to increase comfort at the WC. HEWI therefore attaches great importance to functionality and a universal design. With the height-adjustable WC, the HEWI folding support rails, the HEWI WC accessories and the HEWI back supports, you can equip your customers' WC areas barrier-free and ensure comfort in every situation.



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