Accessible sanitary range System 900 in individual colours

For HEWI, good design also means offering options. System 900 offers numerous design options thanks to the large variety of materials. With System 900, HEWI now offers the option of designing folding support handles, dispensers, and the like for the project business with surfaces in the colour of your choice.

Choose your own colour

With over 4,500 colours, the colour worlds of HEWI offer individual design options and make expressive statements. Whether in the latest trend colours or in your personal favourite colour, System 900 solutions can be powder-coated to suit any interior design.

Thus, from the perspective of “healing architecture”, bathrooms in healthcare buildings such as hospitals and senior residences can be designed aesthetically and thus promote the recovery of patients. The possibility of individualisation offers companies in office and commercial buildings as well as hotels the option of implementing the corporate design down to the smallest detail.

In this way, unique colour concepts that create a personal recognition value and and individually enhance sanitary rooms are created. True to the motto: Make your own choice – choose your own colour!

System 900

System 900 is the award-winning answer to the complex requirements of accessible bathrooms. The products are well thought-out down to the smallest detail – they score high with their functionality, durable quality, clever assembly technology, and hygienic design. System 900 combines purist design with high functionality and a unique depth of range. With System 900, comfort can be designed.

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