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System solutions for educational buildings

Create comprehensible equipment solutions, which become naturally accessible with HEWI


Educational buildings

Sustainable structures for shared learning


A clear architectural building structure, well thought-through guidance systems and equipment solutions that can be used intuitively and are self-explanatory have a positive effect on the learning and working atmosphere in educational buildings. What is required are sustainable and robust solutions that can stand up to continuous use in schools, universities and other educational institutions, and whose design has a motivating effect on shared learning. 

Colourful school WC in matt anthracite


Individual solutions

Inclusive educational institutions reflect the heterogeneity of society. Due to the large number of different requirements, it is almost impossible to design a school building for everyone without exception and thus to achieve 100% accessibility of the architecture. With HEWI you have the opportunity to implement the optimum solution for your property. We offer you robust, sustainable systems for WC facilities, which can naturally be extended with accessible elements.


Washbasins and taps

Cleanliness and hygiene in WC rooms


High-quality mineral cast washbasins and matching system taps are the perfect partners for the sanitary room in educational buildings - also for accessible design. Washbasins are available with and without recessed grips as well as manual and sensor-controlled system taps.

The water quantity of HEWI's single-lever washbasin mixer taps can be precisely adjusted with just one control element and the water temperature can be conveniently controlled at the same time. Due to the ease of movement of the operating lever, this can even be done effortlessly by users with restrictions. A wave is all it takes to start the flow of water to the electronic taps. The water flow stops automatically after a pre-set time interval, so that no water is wasted with HEWI SENSORIC taps.

Washbasin with single lever tap in chrome
Washbasin with round basin and single lever tap in chrome


Cloakrooms, handrails and signs

Create orientation


When implementing an architecture that is accessible to all, a large number of barriers must be removed: vertical barriers such as door thresholds. Horizontal barriers caused by insufficient corridor widths or lack of space for movement. Danger of falling due to lack of holding options.

Public building in yellow colours

HEWI handrails for corridors and stairwells are not only used to hold on to, they create a visual guidance system through the building. A particularly robust implementation in classic stainless steel is just as possible as the colourful design in polyamide. Handrails must stand out from the background with a high contrast so that they can be used as an orientation aid by people with impaired vision. 

The extensive colour choice of System color allows a high-contrast design, matched to the colour concept of the building. Detailed information on visual contrast and the calculation of the Light Reflecting Value (LRV) can be found here. Tactile aids enhance the effect. The tactile aid can be inscribed with both Braille and profile writing and can be attached to the grab bar.

Signage and coat hooks

HEWI offers sign solutions in various designs and materials. Versions with internationally understandable pictograms and flexibly designed lettering are available.

In a school corridor you can see a door with a large "8", next to it hangs a sand-coloured wall coat rack

To complete the corridor area, a selection of cloakrooms for wall mounting with coat hooks and robe hooks matching HEWI's polyamide grab bars is available.

White interior door fitted with lever handles in the colour aqua blue


System 111

Form follows function

A classic in educational buildings: System 111 has proven itself as a colourful companion for decades. Reduced to form and usability, captivating with its brilliant colours and high-gloss surfaces, the famous lever handle was then, as now, the most widely used product in public and semi-public buildings. The large depth of the range provides for solutions for all areas in schools, universities and other educational institutions.


Products for
young adults


Whether accessible sanitary systems in universities or robust hardware for doors and windows in secondary schools - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee easy operation and high safety in a multiple award-winning design, which withstands permanently high requirements and meets all needs.

In a multiple award-winning design, which withstands permanently high requirements and meets all needs







SERVICE AND information


Whether sanitary systems or cross-design and cross-series hardware for doors and windows - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee high ease of use and unlimited functionality in a multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs.

In multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs




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