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Multifaceted design statement: Door lever handle black matt 

A coherent colour concept leads to a harmonious overall impression when entering a room. One of the smallest design elements is the door lever handle. Discover four fittings in matt black to accentuate the interiors. 

Door lever handles come in many shapes, different colours, and with various surfaces. Fittings in matt black have a particularly elegant look. The design offers many design options. In combination with a black interior, black matt door lever handles allow for exciting contrasts on the door. In a bright room design, they emphasise the main features. Some examples of this can be found at HEWI: 

  • The design classic – System 111

  • Exciting contrasts on the door – System 270

  • Puristic design in matt black – System 162

The design classic – System 111

The System 111 lever handle is characterised by its timeless design as well as a style reduced to the essential. This is what gives it its versatility. The design icon, which we still encounter in everyday life even 50 years after its creation, proves how contemporary it is in the black matt edition. Thanks to the strong technology with an internal steel core and the familiar style, the System 111 lever handle is highly versatile. Combined with dark interior design, the lever handle in matt black offers a consistent design or stands out as a striking design statement in light room concepts.

HEWI minimalistischer Türdrücker in Schwarz matt aus Polyamid

Exciting contrasts on the door – System 270

The door system designed by Hadi Teherani Range 270 is characterised by an architectural grace. The timeless lever handle is available with both the HEWI mini escutcheon and the bicolour escutcheon. 

With mini, HEWI has redefined the term minimalism. The greatly reduced escutcheon emphasises the clear geometry of the HEWI lever handle and puts it in a completely new light. The technology in mini sets standards. This is because the mounting concept allows the escutcheon to be reduced to a minimum; it has a diameter of just 32 mm and an overall height of only 3 mm. 

The design of the lever handle becomes a style-defining element on the door thanks to its deliberate simplification. The puristic design solution mini reduces the lever handle to the essential and elegantly highlights the black matt surface. 

Combined with the bicolour escutcheon, this creates an exciting interplay between the System 270 lever handle and the escutcheon. Deep matt black in contrast to the metallic stainless steel accents make the combination of escutcheon and lever handle so unique. 

Consisting of two materials, bicolour allows for an unusual mix: Escutcheons made of stainless steel and with metallic finishes in PVD enclose a coloured inlay of polyamide. This creates exciting contrasts with matt surfaces that give the escutcheon a velvety touch. The lever handle and inlay in deep black add elegant accentuation to the door. The matt-finished nuances in brass, copper, or black chrome open up individual design options. For both the private sector and busy office and commercial buildings. 

Puristic design in matt black – System 162

The style of the lever handle System 162 is based on the mitre cut. Its design was influenced by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. It is now known as the “Frankfurt lever handle”. The combination of purism and minimalism makes HEWI System 162 a timeless lever handle. The design in matt black underlines this feature. Combined with other elements of black interior design, it looks particularly aesthetic and striking with its straight-lined design and high functionality.  

System 162 is highly versatile. Whether continuous solutions for the building or individual design solutions for the home – with System 162, you will find the optimal solution. 

Escutcheon variants create individuality

Black matt door lever handles can be combined in many ways. Eye-catching escutcheons make them an individual statement. In addition to the classic round escutcheon, there are now escutcheon in many different shapes. In addition to the classic round escutcheon, HEWI also produces door lever handles with the variants bicolor and mini. With the two editions, you underline black interiors with individuality. 

A wide range of options – door lever handle in matt black from HEWI

Black door lever handles are currently in particularly high demand on modern interior doors. No other colour looks so timeless and modern. With the four HEWI fittings, individual colour and room concepts in which the smallest design element is given a supporting role can be created. In addition to the choice of shape, the choice of escutcheon is also crucial. It visually recesses door lever handles or skilfully accentuates them. The possibilities with HEWI fittings are diverse and create an individual atmosphere in every building.


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