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Height-adjustable WC: More comfort in the bathroom for everyone  

Whether in nursing homes, senior residences, multi-generation households, hospitals or rehabilitation clinics: The ability to adjust the WC and washbasin to the height of each user has numerous advantages. In this article, we will introduce the height-adjustable WC. 

Independent living is the most precious gift for many people. Whether it is an elderly person or a young person with physical impairments: Many people wish they were able to go to the toilet independently. Therefore, it is important to furnish the WC with the best possible functionality. When standing up and sitting down, for example, grab rails or folding support rails placed near the toilet can help. Yet even more comfort is provided by a height-adjustable WC. Users can easily adjust this electronically to the desired height. They can be easily adjusted electronically to the desired height. A WC that is height-adjustable makes it possible for people to live independently in familiar surroundings. 

Height-adjustable WC: an investment in the future 

Even if the cost of a height-adjustable WC exceeds that of a normal WC, it is still a sensible investment. Older people in particular benefit from a height-adjustable WC, as they can also use it as an aid for standing up. Such a WC should be as easy as possible to operate and set to any height within its range. S 50 washbasin and WC modules from HEWI offer perfect accessibility at the touch of a button. The modules can be adjusted to the required height by radio remote control - even while the toilet is in use. The height of the WC module can be adjusted by a total of 15 cm, making it ideal for users to use the height adjustment as a standing aid. Users have a choice when it comes to flushing: They can either opt for the sensor-controlled variant or choose the manual flush plate. 

Accessibility with height-adjustable WC thanks to additional features

Not every elderly person requires an accessible bathroom. Nevertheless, equipping a bathroom to be as accessible as possible is still a good idea. One advantage of some height-adjustable WCs is that they can be supplemented with folding support handles. These can be mounted either to the right or left of the WC. It is also possible to mount them on both sides of the WC. The Folding support handles move with the S 50 from HEWI so that they support sitting down and getting up on or off the toilet. All HEWI folding support handles can also be combined with the module. As a planner or architect, you therefore have the opportunity to respond perfectly to your customers' wishes for furnishings and fittings. 

Increased independence thanks to a height-adjustable WC 

WCs equipped with the best possible functionality enable an independent life in familiar surroundings. Height-adjustable WCs are a helpful feature, not least in accessible multigenerational bathrooms - for everyone who uses them. 

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