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The Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022

The aim of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is to pay special attention to the needs of people with disabilities who wish to access the internet. Unfortunately, the design and operation of websites, software and mobile content are still not or hardly accessible for people with disabilities. The GAAD aims to bring people from different groups together and raise awareness. This year it will take place on 19 May. 

Support people with disabilities to the same extent in the virtual and real world 

In 2020, WebAIM surveyed the accessibility of websites. The so-called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are an indication of website accessibility. According to the survey, 98.1 per cent of the pages caused at least one WCAG 2.0 error. On average, the number of errors was 60.9. As a rule, these are the following: 

  • Low contrast text (86.3 %)

  • Missing alternative text for images (66 %)

  • Empty links (59.9 %)

  • Missing form input labels (53.8 %)

  • Empty buttons (28.7 %)

  • Missing document language (28 %)

There is still a lot of catching up to do in terms of accessibility, not only in the virtual world but also in the real world. This is precisely why HEWI aims to focus its attention on this topic.  

HEWI attaches great importance to the simple and intuitive use of sanitary facilities. It does not always have to be a completely new bathroom – quite often just a few measures are needed to adapt existing bathrooms and sanitary rooms to the needs of the users. 

Clever solutions in the sanitary area 

Modular solutions make it possible to optimally adapt the sanitary rooms in existing facilities to the respective needs. This way, only the equipment that has to be adapted is adapted – according to need: 

  • In particular, the modular washbasin concept has proven itself here. The washbasin can be extended to meet the respective requirements and has numerous additional functions. The concept is complemented by a mobile trolley

  • In the shower and at the toilet, mobile solutions such as hinged support rails and shower stools support the user. If they are no longer needed, they can be removed quickly and easily. This is especially advantageous in hotels

Design and function harmonise

With all solutions, HEWI ensures the harmonious interplay between design and function. Every person – regardless of age, circumstances and needs – should have easy access to everyday things. Users can, for example perceive products through several senses. For HEWI, people and their individual needs are the focus when it comes to product development. 

In tune with the modern age

Society is changing – and so are the demands on product design. This makes it all the more important for manufacturers to react to current developments. That is why HEWI is constantly developing new products that meet precisely these requirements. For example, the new HEWI colour worlds can be used to realise individual design options and make expressive statements.  

The popular sanitary series System 900 can be implemented in the colour of your choice or in one of HEWI’s favourite colours. This means that unique colour concepts are now possible that create an individual recognition value.

Universal design as a task for the future

Global Accessibility Awareness Day brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds online on the topic of accessibility. HEWI has also been working for decades with experts from the fields of architecture and design as well as its own customers in order to be able to offer holistic solutions in the sanitary sector.  

We see accessibility as a future task for the whole of society and want to do our part. In doing so, we take aspects such as safety, sustainability and hygiene into account. 

For more information about Global Accessibility Awareness Day, please visit the dedicated website

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