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HEWI design supports ecological and social sustainability

Thinking in the long term and also taking action - this is the essence of the term sustainability, which is deeply rooted in HEWI's culture.Learn how a design philosophy supports the aspect of sustainability in this article.

The planet we live on must be preserved and conserved. Present generations should not consume the resources of future generations. HEWI design adapts to changing lifestyles and the challenges of today. We understand the concept of sustainability as much in individual terms as in macroeconomic terms. Both demographic change and the broad area of ecology and sustainability shape HEWI product development. 

How Universal Design supports the sustainability approach

Social sustainability is reflected in the implementation of innovative forms of housing and new concepts for intergenerational building and living.Social sustainability must be seen as a task for society. Universal Design as a design principle supports this approach.

HEWI solutions are characterised by a future-proof design. The products can be used equally by all generations. Modular system solutions that have a natural, unobtrusive presence in the room and whose form has been developed from function are the hallmarks of sustainable bathroom design.

With the highest standards of quality and design and the choice of first-class materials, we guarantee that our products will remain in use for decades without wearing out or becoming unfashionable. 

How quality and durability serve the environment

Decades of experience and a constant drive for innovation have made HEWI a sought-after expert in the field of plastics and injection moulding technology. State-of-the-art machinery with in-house toolmaking, automated assembly lines and innovative storage and logistics systems are the hallmarks of our production.

Consistent quality thinking has long since become the standard. HEWI Sanitary- and hardware solutions are tested far beyond the standard and are certified several times over.

At our production facility in Bad Arolsen in northern Hesse, we are committed to complying with the climate paths based on the Paris Agreement and can look back on a steady improvement in our energy balance. We continuously invest in the development of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Raw materials that are supplied are subject to strict incoming goods controls so that as few rejects as possible are returned to the recycling economy via recycling.

All efforts to make operations and production more environmentally friendly and ecologically sensible would be unthinkable without the initiative and commitment of around 550 HEWI employees. Each individual contributes to making HEWI, our products and processes a little better every day. 

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