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Hotel bathroom design: 5 trends in 2024

When choosing a suitable hotel for a holiday or business trip, the bathroom is a decisive factor for many guests. In addition to cleanliness, an attractive hotel bathroom design is also important. Naturally, the focus in hotel bathrooms – just as in private bathrooms – is on functionality. However, the sanitary fittings also help to increase the well-being and comfort of hotel guests. After all, who wouldn't feel at home in a modern bathroom with a characteristic room concept?

Impress hotel guests with these 5 modern furnishing ideas for bathrooms:

Bathroom with green tiles, WC area, shower area and washbasin, fitted with white sanitary accessories

New design variant S 900 Q

1. Clear lines – from the door to the window 

Clear lines are an advantage in hotels. They help to create an inviting and harmonious atmosphere. Consistent design elements such as colours, shapes and materials create a pleasant visual coherence that gives guests a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition, clear lines also make it easier for guests to find their way around, which contributes to a better user experience. In addition, a well thought-out product design based on clear lines conveys a feeling of professionalism and quality, which strengthens guests’ confidence and has a positive influence on their overall impression.

The fittings series 270 from HEWI brings clear lines to every project: the lever handles and window handles are ideal for the property sector and create consistent solutions from the door to the window. The advantage: The products in this series are available in over 4,500 colour shades. In combination with the bi-colour edition and the mini design variant, Series 270 offers maximum planning versatility for your next hotel project.


2. Minimalist hotel bathroom design for versatility

Minimalist design promotes a calm and uncluttered atmosphere that gives guests a sense of relaxation and clarity. It also blends in well with various architectural styles. The reduction to the essentials can result in cost savings in furnishing and maintenance and helps to promote ecological sustainability by using resources sparingly.

The System 800 from HEWI, which has now been released in new colour variants, provides fresh impetus for hotel bathroom design. The accessories in the range have been extended to include a pleasantly tactile, powder-coated surface in matt black and matt white. The products complement the existing chrome surfaces. This makes the design possibilities offered by System 800 virtually endless. Accessories in matt black and matt white add a fresh touch to the basin, WC, shower and bath areas. Inserts made of elegant, satinised crystal glass or high-quality polyamide offer further exciting design options.

System 800 in matt white

3. Stylish accessibility 

The accessibility of sanitary facilities is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Barrier-free bathrooms not only offer many advantages for people with disabilities, but also noticeably increase the comfort of all users.

With over 4,500 possible colours, the accessible HEWI System 900 offers individuality in colour design, therefore combining accessibility with design diversity. Whether in the latest fashionable colours or your personal favourite, System 900's accessible solutions are available to suit any interior design concept. Unique, limitless colour concepts are produced, which give hotels a distinctive character and help them to set accents. True to the motto: Make Your Own Choice – Choose Your Own Colour.

Fittings in the colour of your choice are also available to match the individually powder-coated sanitary solutions. You can create unique room concepts from the door to the bathroom by combining System 270 handles with the System 900.

System 900 in the colour Faded Cinder Rose

Lever handle series 270 in the colour Faded Cinder Rose

4. Reduced design language 

Design concepts with a reduced form language speak for themselves and are visually unobtrusive. They open up the space for colours or deliberate accents in the design.

The solutions of the S 900 Q design variant are ideal for implementing these minimalist room concepts. The products are well thought out down to the smallest detail and impress with functional details as well as durable quality, simple installation technology and hygienic design. All this makes the S 900 Q the perfect solution for modern hotel bathrooms. Available in stainless steel, chrome, and powder-coated in white, black, and grey, the new accessories can be combined with all System 900 products and allow for a consistent design.

S 900 Q design variant in matt white

5. Filigree and geometric shapes

Fine sanitary ware lends the hotel bathroom design a sense of lightness and enlarges the space. This is a particular advantage if the bathroom is small or has no natural light.

With the System 815 furnishing idea, you can combine geometric shapes with fine, delicate design in the hotel bathroom. Elements of curved steel emphasise the delicate design of the accessories and create a sense of lightness. The system is characterised by its functionality for the shower, toilet and washbasin. The accessory range is available as a chrome-plated, high-gloss version as well as a black matt finish – offering design options for unique hotel bathrooms. The inserts, such as those on the soap dispensers or tumblers, are made of satin-finished crystal glass. This gives the products a particularly high-quality appearance.

With the innovative adhesive mounting for System 815, HEWI offer the option of installing the accessories according to individual ideas and requirements – without the need for drilling. This type of fixture also eliminates the need to worry about joints. If the accessories need to be repositioned or removed, they can be removed without leaving any residue due to the adhesive mounting - thus protecting high-quality surfaces from damage.


Whether you want to furnish a hotel bathroom in the latest fashionable colours, timeless white, with minimalist or purist accessories or a fine, reduced design language – with the HEWI sanitary systems you will find the right products for your furnishing concepts.




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