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Design Comfort Care

Our aim is to develop products that are easy and intuitive to use, that help users to cope with everyday life independently with little physical effort. In this way HEWI offers users an aesthetic sanitary world adapted to their needs: Design Comfort Care. 

Discover current statements on universal design, trend-setting architecture and innovative accessibility sanitary solutions in our "Design Comfort Care". 


"From today's perspective, universal design does not see itself as a translator or advocate of specific life designs, but rather functions as a systemic designer of a life and work that is always in motion."

– Thomas Bade, Managing Director of the Institute for Universal Design


As a pioneer in accessibility solutions, we have been working for a very long time with experts from the architecture and design scene and users to create a world in which people of all ages and health conditions can live as independently as possible - in all areas of life. 

Statements on universal design in different areas of life: 

  • Is universal design invisible? | Thomas Bade

  • How hospitals become health centres through architecture | Christine Nickl-Weller and Hans Nickl

  • The Accessible City | Boris Schade-Bünsow

  • Accessibility in the hotel industry | Kornelia Grundmann

  • Why planners and educators need to talk about planning parameters | Natascha Meuser

  • The Rebirth of the Bathroom | Oona Horx-Strathern



HEWI stands for holistic architectural solutions from the door to the bathroom, which are characterised by the highest standards of design and function. A variety of materials and designs offer design options and make accessibility a matter of course in all scopes. We design inspiring rooms for everyone. 

Let yourself be inspired by these accessibility architecture solutions: 

  • CHNP De Park, Ettelbruck

  • Axel Springer Publishing House, Berlin 

  • Lighthouse Hotel & Spa, Büsum 

  • Hans-Thoma School, Oberursel 

  • Penthouse Apartment, Cologne-Lindenthal



"Architecture and design in the different areas of people's lives must meet the requirement of being intuitively comprehensible and sustainable for all to use."

- Thorsten Stute, Managing Director of HEWI


Universal design can only be understood and lived as a future task for an entire society if we manage to regard accessible products as an element of comfort and a matter of course. The professional care, hotel, public, home and education sectors are characterised by highly diverse requirements for building equipment. 

Embark on a journey through the world of accessible sanitary facilities with our solutions:

  • Healing Architecture | CARE
  • New Urban Thinking | PUBLIC
  • Modern Hospitality | HOTEL
  • Positive Learning | EDUCATION
  • New Homeliness | HOME



Security and orientation, sustainability, hygiene and holism represent the guard rails of our competence as a brand in all scopes, paired with our design claim in the field of accessibility.       

Learn more about the fields of competence in accessibility: 

  • Simple and intuitive use

  • Minimal physical effort

  • Hygiene as a social task

  • High-contrast design

  • Holistic equipment

  • Sustainable design



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